Money and Phones


The two critical issues I haven’t sorted yet. I know about the free SIM I can get through Topdeck, but is anyone aware of any better offers around?

Also, what’s my best option for cash? Currently looking at taking a small amount of money with me and arranging a card for everything else. Good plan?

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


while the sim is free… the call rates probably aren’t the best… when I was there last year I ended up buying a sim card in london with credit which worked out a stack cheaper… most of the people on my trip did the same… there’s no shortage of options, like here… most shops sell the starter kits for next to nothing… i’m just about to start searching the web again for next year though to see if there are any decent sim’s with data plans for the iphone, last year they were all just stupidly expensive!..

For cash, check out the Travelex Cash Passport option… if you can get it on a promo you will avoid any “loading” fee’s…