Mobile Phones


Hi there,[br][br]Just wondering s it better to buy a mobile overseas or take yor mobile with you? I’m wanting to be able to go online to facebook and sya ‘currently in Paris etc’ so my friends and family can follow my travels.[br][br]i know it can be expensive but was wondering what other people have done in the past.


When i was in London 2 years ago, I got a pre paid phone with sim card in London. It seemed to work pretty well and was cheap too.[br]Im on the 10th Dec trip and i think i read they give you a $5 sim card, so i guess you just top it up.[br]Anyway, im in the same bot mlben, but i might just buy a cheap phone in London before i go.


I’m also using an international sim card once i am over there, it is a lot cheaper to top up over there then use roaming


I bought a sim card in London. Cheap and easy and it roamed everywhere in Europe I went (France, Italy, Czech, Germany, etc)