Mobile Phones - Plan of Attack?


Hello everyone![br][br]My sister and I are headed over to Europe for five months starting in 3 weeks and we were trying to find the best way to call parents/friends/boyfriends back home. Does anyone know the best way to keep call costs down - perhaps Topdeck’s ekit or getting a sim over there?[br][br]Cheers guys![br][br]Natalie [br][br]Red Star Special 1st June[br]Mega European 6th July[br]Spanish Explorer 25th October[br][br]


well, i’m getting a vodafone sim card over there - my bestie is currently living in england and she uses that. plus it automatically transfers over when u go to a new country with all of the updated costs. It works out cheaper than the topdeck one i think[br][br]i’m going to use it for messaging and then probably buying a call card thing over there and just call from a payphone or landline.[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I purchased a virgin sim card (prepaid)when i was in UK. I pretty much only used it for messaging, especially when a 10min call I think it was cost me about 20 pounds :o[br]I still have the msgs from when i entered each county haha[br]Calls cost 95p per min, 60p per min to receive and texts cost 35p[br][br]Do you have time between all the tours your doing? wow!!! your going to be exhausted by the time you finish.


My plan of attack was that I bought a Telecom world roaming phone for emergencies it swaps between cdma and gsm networks so I can even use it in russia and it charges it back to my NZ phone account in saying the though texts are reasonably priced calls ar very expensive hence emergency only - I made sure to get a new number to I could give it to the select few so I didn’t have 5000 text and calls that I had to pay for lol


Has anyone used the Topdeck Phone kit thing? i was thinking about getting that to put in an old phone to call home every few days…


I’m using my Australian sim card for messaging. In the Uk I dial 1833 before the usual number- cheaper rates. If you are planning to use a UK sim in an Australian bought phone, be sure to check that it is an unlocked phone, as it might not accept the sim card.[br][br]-----------------[br]Spirit of Europe.[br]May 13th. [br]:smiley:


I’m with an agency and part of their package was a Vodafone Sim card for the UK. Going to activate in the UK :)[br][br]Kirilee[br]Mega European[br](6th of July - 21st of August, 2008)


Hey i currently have a vodafone sim in the UK and its great here but can be costly when you go to other countries, for example it can jump to ?1.49 to make a call and about 20p less to receive which adds up. There is a company here called the carphone warehouse, they are the biggest mobile phone retailer in the Uk and they have all phone companies and have a special travelling sim card which isn’t as costly in other countries I thinks its called a travel sim or something similar, i think if you were only here for your tour, thats what i would go with, I hav had a few mates use it without hassel.[br]Here is the link…[br][br][br][br]good luck![br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.


thats fantastic dan12877!!![br][br]I’m gonna grab one of those when i get over there!!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Leeana, Glad to help!! There is a carphone warehouse on every corner here so you won’t have trouble finding one.[br][br][br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.