Mobile Phones! - Calling Home


Hi Everyone

I am travelling to Europe and Greece in 2 weeks and would like to know the best option for Calling home while I am away.

Has anyone ever used the SIM card service that Top Deck recommend? or have they just set their mobile to roaming??

I havent travelled as far as europe or needed to take a phone before, so I am not quite sure of the best thing to do.

Thanks for your help



Hi Amber,

I start my big adventure in Europe in 3 weeks. I brought a cheap unlocked phone. I looked into the Top Deck sim and another one called TravelSim ( I found that TravelSim was that bit cheaper. I think the best thing from other feeds I have read, the best option is buy a cheap unlocked phone and then decided which international travel sim best suits you.

Good luck.



Hey there,

It depends on how you plan to contact everyone. I don’t recommend using your Auzzie mobile as your provider (telstra/ optus) will smash you with huge charges. Some carriers do offer a international calling pack. ThatÂ’s if you are on a plan. These packs get added to your account and they cost around $100 and include calls at a cheaper rate.
Sending the odd SMS from your Auzzie phone is ok as sms rates are not too bad. Between .30 cents and $1 per sms.
Do remember that if you are on a cap plan international calling is normally not included.
The best ways to stay in touch is by sms and skype at internet cafes. If you have never used skype set up an account for yourself and one for each person you plan to contact. Practice calling each other computer to computer this is very cheap often free and is very easy. Even for non tech savvy parents it is easy.
I just sms my mum saying be on line at 9am your time and Ill call you. The computer rings if they have the skype open and they are logged in.
If youÂ’re only away for 2 weeks. Id just sms. The last thing I can suggest is a international calling card. If you are going to be in London you can get them at any convenience store. They cost about $20 you then use a phone booth anywhere in Europe. You only put the cost of a local call into the phone booth then dial a number on the calling card then call the international number you wish to dial. The card is what is charged. Eg a $20 card might give you 2 hours talk time to Australia. When in London ask at any convince store. The Indians in London often can recommend the best card for you to use with the best rates to Australia. But 2 weeks away is not long so just go and enjoy!


I did the same as Amy got a cheap unlocked phone and went with travelsim. It was the free SMS function for family and friends that sold me. They can text you unlimited from a page on the travel sim website. :slight_smile: