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Help- Im doing the Grand Pioneer Trip in May 2009.- After that i am moving to the UK for up to 2 years.[br]I have just realised my mobile contract does not run out till Mar 2010…so Im locked in for a while-[br]Can some please fill me in on this International Roaming thing- or am i better to pay out the $600 to get out of plan and buy a UK prepaid???[br]What does everyone else do??


definately be cheaper for u to get a UK sim. its very expensive to have a phone overseas - its ok for a couple month, but not longer, as you not only pay to make calls, but also to answer them.[br]Work out how much you plan is for - eg. if u leave in may you’ll have 9months of the contract left and if you pay $30 a month, that comes to $330 - so you’d be better off prepaying or getting someone to pay the bill monthly for you.[br]hope that helps![br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


8 months ago I moved to Romania from Canada, but had 2 years left on my cell phone contract. The first thing I did was dropped all the extras from my plan, so that I was only paying the minimum per month while keeping my contract (was like $30.)[br][br]I was originally only supposed to be here 7 months, but now have signed on for another year and a half, so decided to just cancel my contract and pay the money. $600 seems a bit high! I had to pay something like $250 or so. If it really is $600 (sometimes they lie to you on the phone to keep you from canceling, especially if you are with Rogers,) You might be better off figuring out what the lowest monthly fee is you could pay, and see if 24 payments of that would be less than $600. Or compromise and keep it for half the time and then cut it off after a year for a smaller fee.[br][br]One thing I am sure of: you don’t want to pay roaming for two years unless you are VERY rich… while I was still paying for my Canadian plan I had another sim card here (unlocked my phone so I could use it in Europe.)[br][br]Also, you might have the option to transfer your contract to someone else, if you have a friend currently without contract. Might be something to look into.