Mobile data plans



I have 6 weeks in America in June/July and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good SIM card/ phone plan while I’m there…

I would prefer it to be data rich, but would still need minutes for confirming bookings etc.
I am travelling across the southern coast from LA and up to NYC so I want something that will have reception everywhere…

My mobile supplier at home has expensive rates for poor amounts…

Thanks :smiley:


I think you can ask your travel agent they have full knowledge of these things.


I used T mobile while I was traveling across America.
I’m not sure if the plan, I think it was month to month plan and I got unlimited data for $120AUD a bit pricey but totally worth it. Had coverage every state I went too.
I’m sure you could shop around for a cheaper plan but I didn’t have time to so I just went with then


Hi erika_3171,

I just came back from the US and doing a 13day topdeck tour.

I went with T-Mobile and paid $40USD for 10GB of data of LTE and then it’s unlimited of like 3G equivalent.

Cheaper to into a store and not get it at the airport. In store they put a sim card in my phone to make sure it worked also before they sold me a SIM. Didn’t even require ID.


Thanks :slight_smile: I think there’s a T-mobile shop near where I’m staying…


great thanks!!!