Michael Jackson


No, this thread isn’t intended as a place to post jokes :P[br][br]I’m gona be in London around the time of his concerts…thought why not add to my big OE with a once-in-a-lifetime-chance to see the King of Pop? May be the last chance ever! (Not the biggest fan, but its something to tell the grandkids!) Anyone else keen and around London in Julyish?[br][br]How do you know when its bedtime in Michael Jackson’s House?[br]When the big hand touches the little hand!!! [br][br](Sorry, couldn’t resist!) ;D


When is his concert?? I’ll probably be in London late July/Early August, so I think I may be too late…


dates are apparently on: www.michaeljacksonlive.com … can’t check it out, cause I’m at work :frowning:


Looks like he is doing concerts all through July, August and September!! All presale tix are sold out though I think; I?m not sure when normal tix go on sale?!