Merged Tours


So I’ve heard from people doing the Grand European tour before that not all the people you start the tour with are there until the end. Someone told me that they started with everyone in London and then dropped a few people off in Rome (I think they continued in Greece) and then picked up some other people in Venice. Does anyone know if that is the case, and if so… what tours get merged up?

I’m guessing the Grand European is the large tour (28 days) and it gets merged with smaller tours 7-14 days ones.


Yes that’s correct. I did the grand European in 2010. Some people left in Rome (I think their tour was called romain chariot) then we picked up some people in venice.


Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:


If you click on your tour under EuroClub on the Topdeck website, on the left hand side you’ll see a list of other tours listed underneath the main tour. If you click on the “mini-tours”, at the bottom of the itinerary it will show you when/where they merge with the main tour - e.g. “For detailed itinerary, refer to days xx-xx of xxx tour”

Sorry if it’s a bit unclear, if you play around on the website you’ll hopefully be able to find all the info about how different tours merge together :slight_smile: On the pull-out page of the Topdeck Europe brochure, you’ll also find the different tours grouped together on the same map. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Yes it makes sense now. Thank you, very helpful :slight_smile: