Mega Trip March


[br]Have finally got the tour booked and confirmed, my partner and I leave feb, anyone else leave from nz for this tour ? Give s a buz is so :)[br]


Yip I’m coming. Can’t wait. I’m away from NZ for a total of 11 weeks, including London, Scotland, Holland, LA and Rarotonga and the MEGA trip. Will be awesome.


Looks like it will be pretty cold, esp for the first half of the trip. I’m living in CHCH but from Dunedin originally.


Far you got a massive trip planed and get the best of all weathers !!![br][br]We on a one way ticket to the uk so 6 weeks asia, few weeks middle east and then the tour !!! see how long the money lasts and then it will be time to find a job :([br][br]Im not to keen on the freezing weather but fingers crossed its a good spring !!!


sweet, seems like a few people do the move to Europe that way. find me on Facebook if you have it,


Had a quick squiz through but below link not working nor name. Jump on mine if you can find, ELLE JONES and should be first page at top of list


Add me, Larissa Storm, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one. Still have to book my accomodation in LA and Rarotonga, and pay the rest of my Toopdeck Tour. But otherwise all sorted :slight_smile:


Is anyone else out there coming on our mega adventure? Not long to go now…


I’m comming too all by my lonesome :slight_smile:


I am coming on this trip with my two friends (all female aged 24). We are all from New Zealand. We are meeting you all in Paris as we wanted some extra time there. Not many sleeps left!


Yay that’s awesome, only 7 weeks to go or “next month” as is my current fav way of putting it. See you in Paris…


I’m going on this trip too! I’m 21 from Perth Australia going by myself. Staying in London for 3 weeks after tour with relatives. I’m also a vegan. Any other veges doing this tour?



Adelesimone: Yes! I am a vegetarian (although I do sometimes eat fish but not if I can help it) and one of my friends who is coming with me is also vegetarian. I think it’s going to be tough in some countries like the Czech Republic where it’s not unknown to have 3 different types of meat for dinner!


Great that’s awesome ;D. Might just have to buy a nut mix or something to keep with me, make sure i get enough protein and stuff


Not long to go now. Can’t wait! ;D
Has anyone got their pre departure info yet?
Also anyone staying at the Generator Hostel before the tour?


Yeah not long, just got back from a flying trip to australia warming up my passport and my travel documents have arrived from my travel agent, haven’t looked at them yet that’s a job for the morning :slight_smile:


guys please come back to the forum when your finish your trip and tell us how it went!!! have a great time! =)