Mega europeon 4th september


whos going on the mega europeon trip trip on the 4th of september im booked and paid :)))) very exciting xx


I am! I have not been able to get in contact with anyone going on this tour haha! Relief!


Sorry I just see this message after months lol!! I’m going on my own too aswell so don’t worry!!! I’m so excited eeeeeeekkkkk!!! Be great to chat before we go :slight_smile: x


Haha thats okay! I did the same thing on the facebook top deck meet thing, totally forgot about it haha
Soo glad someone else is going by themselves haha, i am freaking out! I have never been overseas before so its pretty daunting going on my own.
Yes sure! Love to chat!
Where are you from? Im from Queensland, Australia.
Less then two weeks to go! Sooo excited


Iv be away before but never on my own so im a bit nervous atleast there’s other people on there own aswell :). I haven’t a clue what to pack iv bought a book and I know I’m taking underwear so that’s me done for the minute lol! I’m from Essex in England it’s just 20 minutes from London. Are you getting a flight a couple of nights before then? What made you want to do this exciting adventure ? X