Mega European


Hey Guys,
I just booked in for the Mega Eurpoean trip for 31st of May - 20th July 2016 and was wondering if anyone else has booked at this time cause il be traveling solo and wanted to hopefully meet some people before the trip :slight_smile:


Hey hey!! im looking at booking around this time too!! :slight_smile: ill be 19 coming from Christchurch New Zealand- also travelling solo- for the first time :slight_smile: how old are you??


Hey guys
I have just booked in to the mega European trip from the 31st may to 20th June 2016. I will be traveling with a friend. I am 20 coming from a small town in Australia :smiley:


Hey, I’ve just booked this trip with Taryn (Taz615) coming from Australia. I will be 21 and it’s our first time travelling too!


Hey! Thats really exciting ive already booked for those dates definitely and il be 21 on the trip! But its great to meet people before i head off too!


Hey! Thats awesome you guys are travelling together and il be 21 too on the trip, and when will you guys be landing in London i think il be landing a couple days before too look around :slight_smile:


We’re heading over to London 3 days before the tour starts then spending some time in London at the end of the tour as well :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve booked this tour also. I will 20 on the trip and from Melbourne, Australia. Where are you from? :slight_smile:


Hey Jess, I just replied to your post haha. I’ll be 21 coming from the south coast near Sydney :slight_smile:


Hey Jess
I’ll be 20 and coming from the south coast. I will be travelling with Teagan. :smiley:


Hi Jess, thats awesome! I’m from Brisbane :slight_smile:


Hey! So il be in London three days before the trip now too! where are you guys staying for pre trip accomodation? at the backpackers place ? Wombats or something or somewhere else?


Hey I’m at the backpackers place. I’m there 4 days before the tour too :slight_smile:


Hi, Im on this trip also. Im 19 form wellington NZ and coming over alone. Im staying at wombats the night before the tour and in london a week before that :smile:


Hey! I’m 20 from QLD Aus and i’ll be travelling alone as well. Ill be on this trip but finishing up early in Turkey. Cant wait – coming up so soon :grin: