Mega European


Hi[br]I have just booked to go on the Mega European in March. Was wondering if there was anyone out there going on this tour, or if anyone has been on the same tour in the past.[br]Would love to hear from you.[br]:o)


Hi im angela from new zealand, are you leaving on 30 march? im going on that tour. looking really forward to it.


Hi Angela,[br][br]I am going on the tour on the 30th of March.[br]Im very excited about this tour and happy to hear someone else is going to be on it.


glad you going on it. are you doing the endinburgh trip 2? im doing that on 21 march. cu in london


No im not doing the endinburgh trip, sounds good but.[br]Were r u staying the night before the europe tour?? [br]Im staying at the globe trotters back packers.[br]Would be good to meet up before the tour, it would also be good to find more people that are going.


im staying with friends in london, but might stay at the backpackers the night b4, so theres no mad rush in the morning. what part of aus do you live in?


I am from WA and 22 years old will be 23 before i leave for england.[br]What about you?[br]I am only staying at the back packers the night before and the night it finishs so i dont miss the train and whatever.[br]


im 27, i lived in the northern territory for a few years, got over to broome for 2 weeks hol, beautiful place wouldve liked to go further south to see the wild flowers in WA, maybe that can be my holiday next year:)


Sweet, WA is a great place.[br]I think there must be more people out there doing the same tour as us though. Come on people if you are coming on our tour let us know!![br]