Mega European


Hi ;D im completely new to this rather scarey goin solo but really excited!!! is anyone going on the mega european trip 30th march??? any advice or info would be great! xx


hey sophie im booked on mega european 30th march, also travelling solo and scared as, but im sure we wont be the only ones :slight_smile:


Ooooo so exciting even better that I now can speak to someone who’s going!! Are you staying in the clink the night before?? Plus I haven’t a clue what to pack Haha xx


Hi Sophie,

Ive replied to your other conversation, but i can say here that I’M GOING TOO!!! ;D I’m also going solo which is scary but much more fun! I’m 21, how old are you? I’m staying at the Clink the night before we leave and the night we arrive back in London just to avoid hassle. It’s relatively cheap and you can book it through your travel agent. I paid $57 per night with a bathroom. When do you fly into London? Ill be putting a packing list together in the next week or so, i can Facebook or email it to you to give you an idea on what to pack. I haven’t travelled before so it wont be the best list but I’m sure it will get you through the 49 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Any other questions you have, just let me know :stuck_out_tongue:
Michaela xx


Hi everyone… I am also looking at doing this tour but maybe in May… I will also be going solo and a little scared… Wondering if anyone is going around that time… I live in Brisbane and would love to find someone to travel with… tahn x


Hey! Have u made any plans yet? I’m going on April 17th :slight_smile: x


I am going May 1st! Yay!