I am trying to book my trip to Europe next year (April/May/June). I am almost positive I will do at least the Imperial Trail section for the 35days.
Has anyone done the Mega European tour? It looks amazing but I wanted to know if anyone found the tour too long? I would love to hear anything about this tour- good and bad :smiley:


Hey Sarah!
I’m booked 2 go on this tour next year leaving on the 5th of June!
I’ve heard that the longer tours are good as you get at least a full day in each city so u dont feel as rushed. I chose 2 do this tour because I wanted 2 fit a bit of everything into my europe trip:)




I’m booked on this tour starting 26th June and I too was concerned that it would be too long. I think Kimberley’s right, from my research you get to spend more time in each place so you don’t feel as rushed. There are going to be high days where you’ll be on the go all the time but there will also be days when you just rest. I’ve had a lot of friends and family do topdeck for all different time lengths and they loved it everytime.

Take the plunge and do the longer one, I’m sure you wont regret it :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


I’m booked on the Mega European starting on the 17th of April. I’m 18 and will be in the middle of six months away from home, so in erms of length, I think it’ll be fine. I’ve looked over the itinerary several times, and it looks like there’s enough time for rest as well as the fun stuff.

Hope you find the trip you want :slight_smile:



I’m booked on the Mega European starting 12 June 2012. My sister has done a fair few topdeck and contiki tours now and she said that this was her favourite by far, because as Jamie said above, you aren’t as rushed and with the smaller tours you don’t really get to know someone as well if you are on a smaller tour. I’m keen to make some good friends and have some amazing experiences which I can share with them

Can’t wait until June B-)

Good luck with your booking and let us know which trip you decide!


I did a Mega European last May/June
I loved it, and if i had the money to burn i’d do it again.
There are a few long days on the bus, but so many amazing places and things to see.

You’ll all have an amazing time.