Mega European


hey ppl,

i have just booked and paid for my Mega European 49 day trip cant wait.

anybody else doing this trip???

Cheers ;D


Hi Marie

I am doing this same trip… So excited!!!


whoo hoo,

are you travelling alone or with friends/partner? im travelling alone so glad i have met a few ppl :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I’m also going on this trip. I leave 19th April…which trip are you on?

xo Bec


Hey Leisha,

As the trip is now staying in hostels etc you shouldn’t need it :slight_smile:



I’m going on the Mega European starting on the 19th -6th of june… so excited ;D

Does anyone know where were departing from in London, because I need to book 4 days accommodation on the cheap before our tour starts. Any ideas?



Het Scarlett,

I’m on the same trip :slight_smile:
The tour departs from the Clink, I’m booked in there for 2 nights before the trip


I’m going on this tour too leaving 7th June. Does anyone know which Clink Hostel it is i.e. Clink78 or Clink261?


Hi Stubby,

EuroClub, EuroCamping and selected Explorer trips depart from the Clink78 Hostel: 78 King’s Cross Road, London, WC1X 9QG. The closest London Underground stop is King’s Cross St Pancras.

Hope this info help.
Topdeck Team


Thanks Admin. :wink:


Hey Leisha,

I just heard we do need the sleeping bag as we have floatilla sailing!!!


Hi Guys

I just have a question about the Mega European Trip, As an Australian Passport holder I have been told that you dont need a visa for any of the countries in the Mega European tour except Turkey where the visa is obtained on arrival for USD 20. Is there any other reason than this to be carrying USD or all countries will be happy with AUD and Euros. Also how has ppl in the past gone in regards to accessing ATM’s are there any countries where ATM access is limited or are they plentiful in every country on this tour. :slight_smile:






Hey Stubby, I’m going on the same tour probably staying at the Clink as well, see you there mate!


Hey guys, I did this trip last year (when it was mostly tent camping… you guys are lucky!!!). I would still bring a sleeping bag as the bungalows they describe to you are really just 4 walls and a roof and will get colder the farther north you go plus the boats are a little gross inside so you will probably not want to be sleeping directly on the sofas in them. ATMs were sometimes a pain in the ass to find but our tour leader was really good at warning us ahead of time when to take extra money out. It can get chaotic dealing with all the currencies (the coins particularly get annoying) but as a general rule of thumb stay away from bureau du changes. you will almost always get ripped off. Also be sure to pack little packs of tissues and hand sanitizer as some of the bathrooms get a bit sketchy (get ready to squat in a few holes!). Don’t forget a pillow (I used a small blow up one), don’t forget a water proof light jacket with a hood, don’t forget your laundry detergent, don’t forget a bottle opener, don’t forget to print a copy of the trip itinerary (you’d be surprised how long 49 days is and it’s nice to know where you’re headed next). You will probably start to get sick of the road side lunches so consider stocking up on food as you go. Be sure you are prepared for the all day busrides (I loved them because I caught up on sleep) by keeping your ipod charged, your neck pillow close, and some eye shades in your day bags. Have a blast, it’s an adventure!!!


hey thanks heaps for all the tips. im travelling solo so it all helps. i heard this trip last year was camping, probably not a bad thing it has changed cos i’d hate to put up tents day in and day out. i have downloaded a few applications on my phone which tell me how many k’s/hours it’ll take to go somewhere as yeah i hate to be getting on a bus unprepared for a long trip - esp cos i love my food (small build but i can eat!) im so excited for this trip i have been waiting ages for it. im pretty much all ready to go just gotta get a few other bits and pieces but can wait till closer to date. thankyou for the heads up i’ll be sure to take it on board.
Cheers Marie


Hi Marie

I have just booked this trip today and travelling alone as well! Are u in London? I’ve been here for 4 days sand we should catch up if u are :slight_smile:
So glad someone else is travelling alone :slight_smile:



I’m staying at the Click too. I’m flying in from Croatia the day before so hopefully get to meet ya before the trip


Hey guys,

I’m travelling on the 7th June 2011. I have had this trip booked since November last year!! It has been a long wait but it’s nearly here ;D

I am doing this one solo too so hoping to make so good friends. I have booked the night before at the Clink78 so anyone staying there who is going on this trip too, feel free to drop me a line and we can arrange to catch up :slight_smile:

And any tips for a first time traveller would be great too :stuck_out_tongue:

Excited xx


Hey Sheena, Looks like you’ll be on the same tour as me and Stubby and I think we’re both going to be at the Clink just before as well. SWEET! Can’t wait!


hey sheena,

very exciting stuff im doing the same as you im staying at the clinks too the night before are you on facebook?? if so add me ( Marie Bellenger) im solo but i have done america previous so going solo is not so new to me.