Mega European + Working holiday


This is probably a bit of a long shot, but I thought I would ask anyway!
I am doing the Mega European tour, departing June 11th, and then I am probably going to settle in London for a working holiday for a year or two. I was wondering if there is anyone either on my tour, doing something similar, or anyone in general who might be setting up in London around the end of July start of August.
Would be great to meet up/do extra travel with someone! ;D


Hi Cleegan
I’m doing the same thing :slight_smile: We won’t be on the same tour as mine departs on 2nd July but maybe we can catch up for a drink when I get back to England, swap a few travel stories and you can give me the lowdown on London?


Hi Megan!
When do you get back to London? I am unable to get a job in my field (nursing) until september/october, so I am planning to go travel around a bit when my tour finishes. Catching up sounds great!


Hi Clare
I get back to London on 19th August. I don’t really have any solid plans after that other than trying to find a place to live and get a job lol. Not sure if you need help with the job hunt but a friend who is a nurse in London has recommended me to an all-health recruitment agency called Avanced Recruitment. I’m not a nurse (work in Health Information Management) but she seems to be having some luck with them.
Definitely keen to catch up though!
Quick question, how much are you planning to take for spending money on the tour? As it gets closer I’m starting to worry i won’t have enough to tour with then set myself up at the end.


Hi Megan,
Your plans sound good! I am definitely leaving for Ireland on the 4th August, so I will probably have to catch up with you on my return in September! I am going with a nursing agency called Continental Travel Nurse for now, although lately a few people I have talked to said they are not the best, they are in the middle of processing my registration so I will at least try them out for my first job!
I haven’t really decided on spending money, I have seen on different discussion forums that people spend around or under 5k but I am aiming for far less. If the weather permits I definitely want to splurge on the sky diving, but I may skip other optional extras if they don’t interest me, in the interests of saving money! Luckily I am also not much of a drinker so that eliminates a huge cost, and I plan to not really buy souvenirs as I don’t want to carry them around for two years, or at least until I get settled.
I have signed up with a company called Britbound, they can organise your sim card, oyster card and national insurance number, as well as your bank account, and help you find a job and accomodation. It might be worth looking into :slight_smile:


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Hi Clare,

I’m on your tour and will be joining you in Athens :slight_smile:

I will be staying on after the tour for a while in London before moving to Paris in September to complete my degree.

At this stage I’m thinking of staying in London for a few days after the tour and then doing some travelling but nothing is set in stone yet!

Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:



Hi Zara!

Ooo Paris! I was thinking of going there after my tour for some traveling.

I am staying in London for a week after Topdeck, at the Clink. No idea what I am doing after that!

Getting super excited :slight_smile: