My Name is Phil G Sanders or Phil :smiley:

As of the 28th of February I have fully paid for my MEGA EUROPEAN TOUR ( 49 days of Mass Continental Mayhem), I’m just wondering who else is going, maybe swap some ideas or names or enthusiasm. 14th May to the 1st July. Lets drum up some Fever. I’m personally stoked about Istanbul i mean, its ISTANBUL. The Gateway to the east, full of all kinds of people and weird food and street names without vowels. I also love the history of Emporerer Constantine and his works and inventions. The mesh of Christian and Muslim culture and such. Regardless itll be an amazing voyage. SO put your hands up whos going?


Hi Phil!

I am also going on this tour and am SO SO excited!!! Glad someone else is pumped! My name is Soph. I am from Sydney, Australia. When do you arrive in London? Are you staying at the Clink? Ahhhh let the packing begin!! (I am also doing the Topdeck Britain and Ireland Tour following this!)


Hi Phil and Soph! I am also going on this tour, but I will be going on the Classic Europe which makes up the first 15 days of the Mega European tour. My name is Ariana and I’m from Toronto, Canada! I will be travelling with two friends! We are so excited! Not long now! I will be travelling to Ireland and London before the tour starts.
Can’t wait!!


Hi Ariana!

Lovely to hear from you I think we have been chatting on the Topdeck Meet app! I can’t wait for this trip and to meet you and your friends. Ill be in London from the 11th staying at Clink x


Soph, Ariana, i am now psyched. Thank you :slight_smile: Im from england but ive been in New Zealand for a few years now. This is going to be amazing. WHats this Topdeck chat app? Id be keen to actually know something about the people ill be trippin with.


Hey Phil!! Only 64 days to go… but who’s counting!! Topdeck have a free app - Topdeck Meet! Check it out! Besides England have you visited any of the other tours on the trip? This is my first time to Europe!!! Stopping over in Singapore on the way! x


Ive been to a whole heap of places, America, Tunisia, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, And stuff but only as like a week as a tourist never TRAVELLED. Which is where you guys come in :smiley: I dont want to die. With that said itll be brilliant. If youve never been to europe you will have your mind blown, theres things in europe like nothing else in the world. Singapoore airport is very cool, Remember that the monorail in singapoore is deceptive, you wont really eed to go to 3, just 1 and 2 really. Oh and dont buy any food from singapore, me and my brothert bought some meat…turns out it was wolf meat…like wolf…meat, lets just say my stomach didnt thank me for that one. Ill be in syndey on the 7th My till the 10th before going on to hong kong and then london whhere ill be shacking up with my good friend. DOes anyone know where we actually meet and what time?


Wow Phil you sound very well travelled! Can’t wait to hear about your past adventures! Thank you for the Singapore tips! We leave from Clink78 Hostel! I believe it is a 7am meet time but I’m sure this info will be provided in the final travel pack provided by Topdeck to your travel agent! Not long to go!! I also know you need to bring a copy of your travel insurance policy to give to the tour leader! Hope this helps x


Thanks Soph thats like exactly what i needed to know. And 7am Ouch so much for seeing london night life haha. Oh well therell be other opportunities i assume. :stuck_out_tongue: Our last travel pack shout be due in a week or so so i hope your right. Less than 50days to gooo. :3


Pleasure! I think we in fact have to meet at 6am ready to depart at 7am - hectic!! Can’t wait to receive the travel pack! Don’t you worry… there will be plenty of time to go out and see the night life!!!


So after much can-oodling and searching i found that we have to meet there between 6-6:30am and the actual bus leaves at 7:00am. 7:00AM NO WAY. I didnt even know 7am existed! I thought it was a myth just like 4am and “The crack of dawn”. Oh well early start leads to a nice log day i hope. Our travel pack will come through 2-3 weeks before our actual tour so itll arrive half way through April or just after. Thats all I found out :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey. Just got my confirmation for this trip. I’m going to be joining you all from Athens. So pumped.

I’m actually moving to the UK so I’ll be hanging around for a while after the trip. I’ll be flying in on the 13th of May so safe travels on the 14th and save a good seat for me!

44 Days till Athens. ;D