Mega European Tue 18 Apr - Mon 05 Jun 2017


Hey everyone, just booked the mega European for the 18th April to the 5th of June 2017! I know its early but is anyone else going? I’ll be in London 1-2 nights either side at the Topdeck hostel. I’m 20 years old and its my first time traveling solo, based in Tassie.

Mega European April 18th 2017

Hey there

Ive also just booked and confirmed my place in this tour. So excited too, ill be in London for easter then one night after (ive booked a place called The Ship inn which is near town). Just an interesting side note, I see Turkey is completely out of the tour altogether and now Denmark is in, which is awesome as ive always wanted to go there

Oh yeah by the time the tour happens ill be 30, and im coming all the way from Wellington, New Zealand so ill see you all soon