Mega European Travel Experience


Hi all,
I have written a blog about every day on the 49 Day Mega European Tour for those of you interested to know what when on. It will also give people on other tours an idea of what to expect in the cities you visit also. So feel free to check it out, I will post all the links below, and you can also download a copy of the Topdeck City Guide map for each city we were given one.
Feel free to ask any questions at the bottom of each post on the specific part of the trip and I will answer them.


I’m going on the mega European this year and I read your blog and I thought it was really good


Im doing the Mega eurotour on the 7th May with year. Im impressed at your blog, hope to hear about more of your tours. I will message you if thats alright with my questions and issues and niggley bits and all that if your free. :slight_smile:


No problem, happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free also to leave your questions on the specific post on the site so others can see it also, that way if anyone else has the same question they can see the answer also.



Just added some more posts relating to the trip I took around Europe, these are for after the Topdeck Mega European tour and might help with some ideas. Also went on a three day Haggis Adventures tour of Scotland too…

London to Edinburgh via Overnight Train

Haggis Adventures Three Day Skye High Tour

Two Nights in Edinburgh

Final Two Days in London


Wow, thanks for such a huge traveler experience. Was interesting to look through.



I think your webpage is down, it shows:

“Error establishing a database connection”

I really liked what I’ve read so far, would you check it out please?

Best Regards!


Thanks Juan,

It’s back now, the server was being relocated a few days ago.


Anyways, one of the greatest tips I can possibly give you, and don’t be surprised if you already know this, is that QUALITY is always better than QUANTITY. Unless you want to go the “traffic trading route” which I will post another article on later, then I highly suggest you follow the “Quality over Quantity rule”. Now what does that mean? Well simple put, you want as many good addicting


My website has just been updated and now all posts about the Mega European tour have had more photos added, check it out


Hi Dan,

I’m doing a European Pioneer tour next month and have read your blog, as we go to a lot of the same places, and I just wanted to thank you for doing it!

It’s an awesome blog and gives me a great idea of what to expect :slight_smile:


Im doing the Mega eurotour on the 7th May with year. Im impressed at your blog, hope to hear about more of your tours


This is great! I would also like to share a blog I found
There are several new things around the globe which people need to see.


Thanks everyone for your comments!

I’m returning to Europe later in the year but with Busabout this time and will write about it then.


Hi all,

Bringing this topic back to life for any of you interested in reading about what goes on the Mega European tour.

Click the below link to check out my experience on the Mega European Tour, page has just had a major update.



Hey! Loved looking at all your adventures on your blog :slight_smile: Couple of questions- what did you use to sleep in when you went sailing in Greece? I’ll be in Greece mid July and wondering what the weather will be like at night, im presuming it will be pretty hot so I was thinking of taking a tropical sleeping back that’s nice and light!? Do you have some kind of mattress on the boat or just on the ground? Also my other question was how much do you think you need in spending money each day approx?? :slight_smile:


Sorry I haven’t been active on the forums for a while. Hi @dandraper86! - it’s you! - lonexplorer! I was going through your posts and have your blog bookmarked. I never got around to finishing your blog posts but good reminder to do so now :smile:


Thanks for reading!
I bought a cheap sleeping bag from Big W for $12 (not sure if you’re from Australia if not it’s an Australian shop) and what I then did is I bought some of those vacuum compression bags and put it in there to save space in my bag. After we finished sailing I then threw it out to save room in my bag as I didn’t need it after that. Although if your tour is going to Mykonos maybe keep it for there as you’ll be sleeping in tents and what is provided isn’t great.

On the boat you have six people, two double beds to share and two others sleep on the couches out in the main area which is where I slept. It wasn’t too bad but at the same time don’t expect luxury. I’m quite tall so I was a bit cramped in, but you don’t really care as you only spent three nights here out of the whole trip.

Spending money is really hard to answer. It all depends on what you plan to do, optional activities, sinking, going out, food and souvenirs. I found that I spent a lot less than I thought I would and then went on a spending spree at the end. Just remember with a tour like this most meals are included so that will save you a lot of money.


Thanks for sharing such a huge traveler experience.