Mega European Tour July/August 2016



Yes I’m looking at going around this time!



Would love to do Oktoberfest after! I haven’t started saving yet as I’m still at uni… graduating at the end of this year though so will be saving like crazy once I start working!
Are you going on your own? I will be. Do you have Facebook? Add me if you like and want to keep in touch - Rachel Sturgess


Thanks! Almost finished thank goodness!
Yeah I’d love to go to Oktoberfest if anyone else is - at this point I’m planing to go on my own, but I’ve mentioned the trip to a few friends. I’m only 22 at the moment, so will be a little nervous going on my own but I went on a group tour earlier in the year and I think it will be fine! I’ll add you on Instagram :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: im keen to do this tour is 2016 aswell. I have saved up most of my money for this so I am very excited!! is July and August the best time to go?


I’m keen to go before it gets too cold so thought August/ sept would be ideal. I was looking at doing the uk and Ireland tour aswell, but I’ve since come across one called Scandi-express which looks great too. I’d love to do them all but it don’t think I’ll be able to save enough to go on all of them unfortunately!


No haven’t looked at doing the Croatian Islands but I’d like to go back to Greece again and spend moe time there one day so could tie them together another time. Did a cruise to some Greek Islands but so much more to see - the mega euro trip goes to a few different ones so that’s good!
I really don’t know what tour to add… I’m thinking the scandi express or the northern exposure (if I can afford it at the time), and leaving the UK for another time. Only thing is both of the Scandinavian trips depart from Berlin which will be a bit inconvenient. Would have to catch a train or flight back there from London!
Too many options! Haha


Im planning to go in 2016 but probably a little bit earlier (June/July). Im starting to save already and will have plenty by the time 2016 comes around! :slight_smile: I have been to London & Paris with some relatives before but not by myself! Pretty exciting! Ill be 21 :slight_smile:


Mia- I did a cruise from Venice to the Greek Islands. First went to Bari in Southern Italy, then across to Katakolon (Olympia), Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and Dubrovnik in Croatia then back to Venice. Santorini was amazing - was great to see such a picturesque place in reality but I think Mykonos was better - quite similar and more to do - glad the topdeck tour goes there!! Olympia was great too because of the history.


Hi everyone. I have been thinking of doing this trip for a while and it looks amazing. Im also planning on going sometime in 2016, (probably around a similar time to btunbridge) I would love to go next year but probably should save a bit more money before then :wink: and I haven’t been able to convince any friends yet so i may have to go by myself. Oh wells! :smiley:


Hi Mia, Yeah i cant wait for it. I have actually decided to go next year now, because i was so excited and im not sure if i will be able to take the time off in 2016! At this stage im only planning on staying an extra few days in london before and after because i will need to get home and start working again… damn money! :frowning:


Mia- I will just have to wait and see how much I can save and let that determine how many tours I do, along with how much time I can get off work. But ideally I’d like to do the Britain & Ireland, Mega European, Northern Exposure. However I’ve found another Northern European tour called the Red Star which is 37 days. So I think I’ll have to end up making two trips - the Mega European and the other two at a later date.
Have you got anything planned for next year or are you focussing on saving for this big trip? I’m currently looking into booking a 2 week India/Nepal trip for mid next year. The tour itself is a bit of a bargain I think!


Hey Rachel, sorry to barge in but i see you are thinking of going to Nepal and India. In 2011 i spent 5 weeks in Nepal followed by 2 weeks in India. Nepal was awesome, its such a great place. India was average, the tourist trail is pretty horrible. If you have any questions then feel free to hit me up, ill try my best to answer them. :slight_smile: I am sure you will have a great time tho


Hey Caleb, thanks for letting me know! Yes I’ve heard India is pretty average so a couples of weeks will be more than enough to get a bit of a taste hopefully. Where did you go in Nepal? I think there’s only a couple of days in Nepal on the tour I’m looking at - one or two places then Kathmandu. Would it be worth staying in Kathmandu for an extra day or two?


Hi Rachel. I spent a bit of time in Kathmandu and Pokhara, and then did the Annapurna base camp trek. My favourite place was Pokhara because its right on a beautiful lake and is pretty laid back and it has lots of touristy things to do such as paragliding, walks, hiring little boats etc. If you are only in kathmandu for a couple of days then yes its worth staying there a little longer, its very cheap as well so it wont break the bank to stay. :slight_smile:


Thanks Caleb. I’ll look into staying a couple of extra days!


@rachelmaree, where was your departure point in Venice? Im booked to do European Escape in Aug next year & want to look at accom for the night before :slight_smile:


Ashlee, I can’t remember what the name of the hostel was but it was actually on the main island of Venice (over the big bridge). I know the topdeck tours stay on the mainland while in Venice - perhaps closer to where they depart? It was great staying in the middle of the real Venice though, so if you can I would recommend it. It was amazing walking through the alleys and over the canals, especially in the evening!


Hi Rachel,

I’m really keen to do Mega Europe, Britain/Ireland and the Red Star one. Do you think that would be do-able, or too long on different tours?


Hi guys. I’m also really keen to do the Mega European in 2016, Probably July/August…

Does anyone know when the dates for 2016 come out??


Hey ToniMaree,

It’s Mia Goddard (My old account). I’m hoping the dates for this tour come out in the next few months, maybe August? I’ve noticed there are some dates for 2016 released on selected trips already. Since this post I have decided to go on the Mega European Trip first week of August 2016 so I can go to Oktoberfest after ;D