Mega European Tour - Departs 29th May


[color=993366][font=Comic Sans MS]Hi,

I can’t seem to find a post for this? All the other Mega tours are related to June departures.
Just wondering if there is another female travelling solo on this one??
Or anyone for that matter!

Ps. Does anyone know the requirements for Visa’s if your Australian?? do I need to get the SCHENGEN visa?
It doesn’t seem like I’ll need one for the UK? Anyone been or going & have any knowledge on this?

19 days!!! ;D[/font][/color]


Hey Jes,

I managed to find a topic post for the 29th tour on here but you had to search through quite a few previous pages. Any way there is a Facebook group:

There is also an app called top deck meet. Some people have started a group and written on the May 29th tour on this app.

I am looking at doing the Eastern Adventure part of this tour which joins the mega european group in Athens.

When I went through Eastern Europe with busabout four years ago … I didn’t need a visa for Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Poland.
Just to be sure for these countries and the other countries that the tour goes through… have a look at the DFAT website and search for the entry and exit requirements for each country.

Hope this helps!



Hey jess. also on this trip and travelling alone. You can find a few of us on the Facebook page.


Hey Jess,
I am also travelling solo. Cannot wait!!
did you join the Facebook page?


[color=800080]Thanks All!! ;D

I have now joined the fb group, but can’t find the app (on android) is there one?
I’m going on the Britain/Ireland tour in August.
Are any of you spending any time in London/Europe after your tour?

I can’t wait!!! Finally got my docs today! (was starting to panic stations there!)
Now all to do is pack… I have done a dry run with everything we need, I think I’ll be under the limit but the backpack I have can’t fit it all in :frowning:
Anyone else having this problem?

Jes [/color]