Mega European Tour - Deaprting 3 July


Hi, I have just booked into the Mega European Tour. I am going solo and just wondering if anyone else is going / has gone solo and have any tips they want to share.

Looking forward to it!


Hi Renee,

Writing this on behalf of my two sons (may seem a bit funny that their mum is doing this…lol) boys will be boys and will leave it to the last minute!.
They are also doing the Mega European Tour starting 3rd July - 20th Aug 2012. Been trying to get them to join this forum so that they could get to know people before they start the tour…

Anyway, they are both going to be staying at the Clink Hostel which is where the tours for the EuroClub & EuroCamp Tours start from. They will be there from the 1st July til the tour starts and 2 days post tour as well. We are from Sydney, they will be flying Malaysian Airways flying via Hong Kong on June 30th arriving in London 1st July.

Also left a post earlier under Europe Tours… look at the posts from there, they are on the 2nd page under j&b.

Who knows, may get to talk???.
Have a good day.


Hi Renee,

just had another girl say that she is going on the same tour, same dates and is taking her girlfriend along too… she is from Melbourne, her name is Rosiee. Look under the Europe Tours folder when you log in and you will see a post by J&B with 1 reply by it… click on that and maybe you can get talking to this girl as she is from your neck of the woods too (or close to).

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Renee…
Yes I am going! haha cant wait!! getting closer everyday :slight_smile: so awesome we can meet people on here before we go, such a good idea…
also, i’m going with a guy… not a girlfriend :wink: just mates though ha ha ha
how old are you all…?


Hi Roisee,

I’m starting to get excited and making little purchases for the trip.

I’m 33 and live in Sth Melbourne, you? leaving Melbourne on 29 June flying Singapore airlines. After the first tour, I am spending a couple of weeks with family and then off to do another trip.

I haven’t booked accommodation yet for pre-tour.



Ha ha Thanks Mum!!

I think it is great that you are encouraging your boys to get on the forum.

It sounds like a great trip, looking forward to it.



Mum here…

Oh to be young again.I’d do the trip myself!.

Read the Topdeck Pre Departure Information, they give you some very good advice, esp about Visa’s, money, a clothing list, blah blah blah!.

There seem to be a few more people going on the same trip you and both my sons are going on which is great. I think most of them are staying at the Clink as well which is great… some people haven’t booked their accom yet which is a bit scary as it will be harder for them to find something as everything is booking out because of the Olympics and prices are sky high. London is very expensive, so I hope they are mindful of that.

Anyway, have fun planning on what to take… tip, take stuff you can mix 'n match and is reasonably light and you can crinkle it up to save room in yr bags. Topdeck baggage allowance is only 20kgs and you don’t want it to be that heavy when you are first starting off… don’t forget that you will be shopping your way around Europe too and buying clothes and shoes, so best to take only half a bag full of clothes and add as you go… more fun that way.

Read all the good tips. make sure you have plenty of coin as you go around Europe as you do need to pay for the toilet (trust me when I say that some are scary and smell like hell) and it is far better to try and go BEFORE you leave your hotel, cabin, than to have to go in a small village!!!

Well, that’s me for now. Have fun chatting to the others on this forum… great to meet people before you go.

Mum :sunglasses:


:slight_smile: Hope everyone is ready, not long to go now before the 49 day Mega European Tour starts on 3rd July… getting excited for our boys.