MEGA EUROPEAN TOUR 3rd July-20th Aug 2012


:slight_smile: Hey, my brother and I are going on this tour starting 3rd July - 20th Aug 2012. Is there anyone else doing the same tour?. Hoping we get to know a few of you before we start the tour.
We will be staying at the Clink Hostel in London, where the Euroclub/Eurocamping Tours start from. Is there anyone else doing the Mega European Tour the same time we are and will you be staying the Clink as well?. Give us a shout out and make yourself known.
Looking forward to saying hi.



Heyyyy I am going on this tour as well, same dates!! So excited, going with one other friend & arriving in London on June 28th. Staying at the Anthea Makedonia, a hotel not too far from the Clink :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Hi Rosiee,

My brother and I arrive in London on 1 July. There is another girl called Renee from South Melbourne that is also going on the same tour and I’m sure she is going solo. I haven’t seen anyone else going on the same tour as yet, but I’m sure as time goes on there will be more. Hope you’re reading all the tips… there are some good ideas floating around there.



Hey I’m on the mega european tour 3 July to 20 Aug and im staying at the Clink as well I get into London on the 29th June.I’m doing it on my own so it will be great to know some ppl before the tour starts. Not long now :slight_smile:


Hey All!

Just booked on this tour last week! Ill be at the clink hostel for 3 days before the tour…travelling on my own so be great to get to know some of you before the adventure begins!


:slight_smile: Hey, glad to know there is another on the same tour… There are a couple of others you can talk to that are on this post that are on their own too… maybe you can get to know eachother and hook up when you get to London.
My brother and I arrive in London 1st July and will be at the Clink then until the tour starts.

Cheers & stay in touch.


:slight_smile: Hi, Just answered a post to another that is going to be on their own too… get chatting and maybe you can hook up or something. Great that their are others that are on the same touras well and staying at the Clink as well. Yeah, not long to go now.



Heaps good I’ve found a few people going!! 4 months to go wow time is flying :slight_smile: We should definately meet up in London before the tour starts for a few drinks…! What sort of bag is everyone bringing? backpacK?



I am also traveling solo. Would be great to catch up prior to the tour. I arrive in London on 1 July, not sure where I am staying yet (next on the list of things to do).



Hey there

I’m doing the Road to Athens tour departing 3rd of July, I believe it’s the same as the Mega European but it ends earlier…

anyway, can’t wait for this trip to begin, hopefully cya soon.


Hello all,

Thought it was about time I checked out these Forums.
I’m all booked into this mega tour aswell, travelling solo.
Looking forward to meeting you all and visiting another part of the world ;D

Not sure where I’m staying prior to departure but should be clink, staying 1 night pre and 2 nights post Tour.

Any others from Perth going ?

Any tips for a newbie traveller ?



:slight_smile: Hey, Great to see more than my brother and I going on this tour, better now that there are a few more doing the same tour at the same time.

Read all the tips, this is going to be my first big trip overseas, my brother has done an overseas on his own and his tips are good. I guess the trick is to pack light and pack stuff that you can mix 'n match. You can always pick up cheap stuff overseas and don’t forget, the last thing you want to do is to have to unload stuff at the airport because you have too much stuff. Last thing you want to be doing ladies is to lug a heavy case around Europe for no reason… beside, there is a weight limit to what we can take.
Alot of people have suggsted to take a Backpack on wheels, which is what we are doing (Caribee) Brand Backpacks are pretty good and sturdy.

Be great to catch up with you all at the Clink as it sounds like most of us are going to be staying there around the same time, meeting up for a drink sounds great.
My brother and I are from Sydney, sounds like we are scattered from all over the country. If you haven’t already booked your Accommodation, now is a good time to get it done, don’t forget we are going in a time where everything will be booked out because of the Olympics and prices are already quite high. Staying at the Clink 78 just makes things really easy because that is where the EuroClub & EuroHotel Tours Depart from, makes it easier and is hassle free that way.

Yeah, not long to go now… don’t forget to get your currencies sorted, though there are some really great suggestions floating round, like the ANZ Travel Card that is worth looking into. Get in while the dollar is in your favour at the moment. Things are pretty expensive in Europe and don’t forget… you’ll need coin to pay for the toilets going around Europe!!!.



Quick question, what visas if any do I need to get prior to starting the tour ?
If so anyone have links they can share to ease the process ?



don’t think you need any I’'m doing this trip In june and I keep asking my travell agent says a It is not nessecery and any you do need are gotten at boarders and stuff



From what we’ve been told esp if yr from Aus. You don’t need a visa if your are staying less than 90 days around Europe, though I believe that the other more Eastern Europe countries the visa is taken care of at the border crossing by the tour host/ess?? may need to re-check that though to make certain.

From what I’ve read, a good backpack on wheels is a good way to go. It’s smaller and lighter than your normal suitcase… so my brother and I have bought the Carribee Backpack on wheels (20kgs) be careful as the tour company say that 20ks is the max…sorry ladies, you need to travel light. They isn’t always a laundry avail some places we go I’ve read, so be mindful of what type of clothing you take I guess.

Go to Topdeck Pre-Departure Information and download it as they offer alot of advice, tells you about visa, clothing, money…

Not long to go now…



Hi there,

I am also doing the Mega European 3rd of July tour. Cant wait, not long now!



Hi all!

Not long now until the adventure begins! Dont know about the rest of you but im feeling rather unorganised haha! What bag to take, what money to take? How the heck will I be able to pack less than 20kilos. The list goes on!! Either way cant wait to jump on a plane at the end of June!

If your on facebook topdeck has a great site, and theres a meet others app, so we can get to know each other before we head away…theres also a good litle topdeck iphone app as well!

Anyway hope to chat to you all soon! :smiley:


pack lots of stuff that you can waer twice and mix and match outfits i’ve managed to pack about 10 outfits but most of them match with each other and can be worn twice so less washing


:slight_smile: Hey, The last thing you want to do is over pack!. As a tip, take only half a (20kg) bag and buy as you go as there is great shopping in Europe. Mix and match and take at least 1 good WARM coat (jacket) for when you go up the mountains as it can get cold and travelling europe in july/aug and it can be unpredicatable.
Take good strong footwear as you will be doing alot of walking. Take a good travel towel as they often dry very quickly. Don’t over pack otherwise you are going to be carrying a heavy bag from the start and you have limited room as it is for anything else you may want to pick up. Coaches have limited space and only allow for 1 bag each plus your carry-on bag… so be smart in what you pack.
Take at least 1 good outfit for when you go out.
Don’t forget, you will need COIN for when you go to the toilets in europe and they don’t like it when you don’t pay as they will hold you back until you do!.. ALWAYS carry some tissues on you as the toilets don’t always have toilet paper left in them by the time you get to it and some of the toilets are real shockers.
Don’t take big bulky items, they are a real pain when you have to lug them everywhere. Crowds are a major, always be on the look out for pick pockets and professional beggers… THEY TRY REALLY HARD TO SUCK YOU IN. They also approach you and give you a sign to read after they ask you if you speak english… be very weary of them, they always have a sop story to tell.

Coutndown begins… fly out to london Via Hong kong 30th June on Singapore Airlines. Anyone else flying the same on that date. My brother and I are travelling together for this tour.


ps. Tips courtsey of My Mum!!!.


Hey, there is a facebook group…youll find it through the topdeck site & meet others app…theres also a good litle topdeck iphone app as well!

thanks for all the packing tips… cant believe i fly out in 6 weeks feel like i havent organised anything yet :S.