Mega European Tour 2006


My name is Kate and Im from Victoia Australia and am just wondering if anyone has been on the Mega European tour.[br]I am looking to do this tour, or something very similar leaving in May 2006.[br]I would love to hear of anyone else thinking about the same tour at the same time, or anyone who has done this tour with Top Deck before.[br]


Hey kate,[br]Im Peta… [br]im doing the same tour next june, it is only 50 pounds more and i wanted it to be hot, but if you find out anything about it could you let me know aswell?[br][br]kitsch


What date in May are you going? Im going on the 26th


Hi Everyone,[br][br]I did the 48 Days August 6th this year, finished in September and it was really the best thing i have ever done in my entire life, i had such a blast… i miss it :([br]You get to see amazing things and have fun across Europe, its like being down the local with your mates but ‘hey, look there’s The Blue Mosque just there!’ SO COOL![br][br]After 48 days you’ll be a large dysfunctional family and you’ll love everyone, moods and all. You will make some friends for life. You’ll have fun exploring together and getting to know each other. I loved my crew every bit as much as the other passengers. They’re heaps of fun. Tourleaders can answer anything. And you’ll be astounded with the way your driver can reverse 100 metres and manouvre into a caravan park. I’m not kidding. Don’t worry about not liking anyone, you will. The food is fantastic. And the camping is fun too, and when you start to get sick of it there’s usually a break, sailing, hotel etc. You’d think spending so long with the same people would be piss-annoying but i would have kept going forever.[br][br]But do the 48 Days, there were only 6 of us doing the full trip on my tour, but go hard or go home! Not everyone can say they saw gypsies in Romania or walked on hot coals in Bulgaria. It makes it so much more special, Italy is awesome, but every man and his dog goes there, get off the beaten track.[br][br]Do it! You’ll have so much fun. I’d do the whole thing again in a heartbeat.[br]You’ll never forget it, you will keep talking about it and you’ll come back and post on message boards just to reminisce because you loved it that much.[br] And nothing is more annoying for others when you can say, …“when i was in…” [br] and trust me, everyone will love you’re slideshow of the 48 whole days.[br][br] :slight_smile: Have fun![br][br]AND: 1 lira kebabs in Turkey…nope not always your friend[br][br] [br] ****** Missing my Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves big time!


DO THE TOUR!!![br]I went on the August 31st one this year and had an absolute blast!! Our tour leader Amanda was funny as, the food by Trix was sensational and our bus driver Brendo was a champ and a bloody good driver to!![br]48 days is a long time but it goes so fast u wish it went on longer. Everyone gets on so well and camping is no probs at all, its all part of the experience. The tour is worth every penny!![br]If you go have a wicked time and try everything they have to offer!! Do all the extras, try the weird food and drink and stay out late and party hard you have travelling days to catch up on sleep!!!