Mega European Start 29 May - 16 July


Hi just wondering if anyone here is going on this tour ? ;D .

I’m staying at the Clink Hostel in London 1 day before the tour starts, Is there anyone else doing the Mega European Tour the same time we are and will you be staying the Clink as well?.
I’m doing it on my own so it will be great to know some people before the tour starts.


Hey me too it would be good to see who else is heading along. I am going to book my flights tonight and also staying in the clink will be arriving May 25th so would be keen to see London before we leave? Add me on FB Dave Hinton if you want or we should start a group but I am also ridin’ solo


Hey dave , it would be great if we could get together on the day i arrive, the 28th ,will arrive in the morning and want to see the most possible in that day before the trip starts. I sent you a friend request of facebook. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I will be in London a couple of days before hand but should go see some sights. :slight_smile:

Who else is joining us on this trip?


hey Dave, that’s great to hear. Sent a message to other girl that is going on the trip but she hasn’t responded yet .
So what optionals are you thinking of doing?


Hey sorry Tanya haven’t checked the forum in a while Im probably going to do all of them apart from the skydive because Ive already been skydiving and don’t have that much cash to splash. What about urself?


Hey Dave, Same as you , also been skydiving and want to see the most of Switzerland in the time we get. Want to do all of them so that i will never regret anything when i come back. Have you travelled before in Europe?


hey, im thinking about going on the tour, can i ask the average age of everyone? i dont want to be the youngest one??i know that may sound weird… i dont know if this is a college age thing or a mid twenties thing. ill be 21 on the trip. and i am still trying to wrap my head around 49


hi michelle , replyed to your PM , so i answered the questions in there.


Hey Tanya nah never travelled in Europe before and yeah i also want to do all the optionals they all look pretty good. To answer Michelle I’m only 22 as well so definitely wont be a huge age gap haha. I know 49 days in enormous but so good + get see mostly Eastern side of Europe rather than the Western but I’m doing that after my trip. We should create an fb page, perhaps?


Hi there, I’m Erica and have just booked this trip and will stay at Clink the night before the trip leaves.

Will also be travelling solo all the way from NZ!!

Have never been anywhere near Europe so its a bit daunting but very exciting! :slight_smile:

Counting down the days already and it will be great to meet some more travellers.


Hi everyone!

I’m also going on this trip :slight_smile: Travelling alone. And I’ll be making my way from NZ too Erica :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you all.



I like the idea of creating a FB page Dave


Hi guys (more like girls haha) nice meeting you all i created a FB page
Just like the page and then we can congregate there and keep adding members who join here


Hi guys, I am also going on this tour. Super excited! I liked the FB link so we can all congregate together. I am looking at flying in around the 26th. Cannot wait!!!


hey allison nice to hear for more travellers. I also cant wait !


just putting it on top again