Mega European Sept 4 2012!


Hey guys!
My friend and I just booked our spots for the Mega European tour that leaves 4th September 2012!
Anyone else going? and what are your plans prior/after? ;D


Hi guys,

Shame you arn’t going on the one on 28 August, that’s the one I am going on because the departure is guranteed. I had considered the one you are going on but then I had to combine the dates with another tour and have it all work for flights etc and was nervous about the not gauranteed departure.

I will be staying in London from mid to late October when I get back. What are your plans?

Carmen - Australia


Hey guys…I’m going in this tour on that date too very exciting :slight_smile: where are you guys from? X


Oh my gosh! I have been looking for people going on this tour on september 4th for ages! Im booked! Sooooo excited haha. Im from Australia, anyone else? Im going alone and i have never travelled before either so its all a little daunting… Love to chat with either of you ( about plans before and after) :smiley: