Mega European Sep - Oct 2016


Hi All!

I know this is early but I need time to save!
I’ll be travelling solo and it’s my birthday present to myself for my 30th early next year.
My first real Europe trip after going with my school to Italy for a month when I was 17.
Hope to find a friend or 2 :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel

I haven’t chosen a trip just yet but I’ve shortlisted this one specifically with these dates in my top 3!
28 yrs old and also from Melbourne - also travelling alone.

Will keep you posted if I do decide to book this tour :slight_smile:


Oooh another Victorian! I’m already excited!
Definitely let me know what you decide, would be good to meet up :slight_smile:


Hi Rachael,

Just wondering what date your tour starts? I’m on one leaving 1st Sept :slight_smile:


Hi Bec,

I’m looking at the one for next year leaving 06 Sept 2016 :slight_smile:


I’m 22, from Toronto, Canada, and looking at going on this trip!!



My name is Kristen and I am going on the Mega Euro that begins on August 30th! I’m 25, and doing two Topdeck tours in a row–the Red Star Special for 37 days and the Mega Euro for 49 right after. Coming over from America all by myself so I am excited to make some friends! :slight_smile:


Hey Kristen,

Are you doing the Mega Euro that goes to Mykonos or Egypt?
I am doing the Eastern Adventure from Athens on the 18th September so I think we might end up on the same trip if you are going to Mykonos :slight_smile:
I am 29 from Melbourne, Australia and also on my own.


Hey Ladies!

I’m Mel, 27 from Canberra and also doing this trip solo! I’ve never been overseas before so I’m pretty excited, it’s getting close now :slight_smile: