Mega european plus Egypt 26 July- 12 September!


Hi guys!
Ive just booked my mega european tour for the 26 July- 12 September (yay!) As im travelling solo I would love to get to know some people before starting the trip, soo if you’re on the trip or thinking about it please introduce yourself, would love to chat! :slight_smile:


Hi Josephine

My names Grace. I have also booked the Mega European tour for the 26th July - 12th September 2016, however not going to Egypt. Nice to meet you!! :slight_smile: I’m also travelling solo. I’m from NZ, where are you from? Ekk not long to go now, until we start our very exciting adventure :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Oh hey! How funny, im from NZ as well! Super excited!! So nice to talk to someone on the same trip!


Hey :slight_smile: Sorry for the late reply, have been super busy getting everything organised. Awesome! What part of NZ are you from? Are you just travelling over for the tour or are you spending some time in Europe/England before or after the tour? I leave on Wednesday, has come around so quickly! Really looking forward to meeting everyone!


I’m from Auckland, arrived on Saturday night (Sunday morning in nz time) I’m staying with some friends down in Brighton and am over here for about a year! Look me up and add me on facebook if you like, would love to chat!