Mega European May 9th 2017


Hey guys,

Im a solo traveler form the USA and I just booked the Mega European Tour starting May 9th! I know it early, but I was wondering if anyone else booked this tour yet?


Hi Andrew.

I am from New Zealand and have booked the Mega European Egypt option which I believe travels with your tour. Like you joining as a solo traveler.

Are you staying at Wombats before hand?



Hey Jeffrey,

Nice to meet someone else booking this trip. Yeah I believe so, I booked the Mega European Greece option. I was planning on arriving in London a couple days before and staying at the Wombats. How about you?


Yep, also staying at Wombats. All going well planning to have 2 days before and 2 days after.
Are you also staying a bit afterwards, or going reasonably straight back, or onto somewhere else?

Will this be your first time to UK/Europe?
Also you been anywhere else?


Nice, yeah I was planning to arrive in London on Friday. On Saturday there is a Manchester United vs Arsenal Game that I was debating on going to also. I wanted to stay a couple days after also, then possibly go onto somewhere else.

This will be my second time in Europe, Ive been to Paris and Brussels a couple of years ago. Will this be your first time in UK/Europe?

Also, I have been to Central America and across the USA. How about you?


Oops sorry, been a bit slack at this end.

Nice. Are you going as a fan of one of those EPL teams, or mainly for atmosphere?
Do you play soccer yourself?

Yes this will be my first time over there, so far have only spent a few periods in Australia.
I still can’t believe I’m taking nearly 2 months off work… eek! :confused: :smiley:
Whats your current situation, are you working, at college, or?


Just wanted to go to an EPL game, I do play soccer myself.

Nice, Ive always wanted to go to Australia too.
But yeah thats a long time to take off, im graduating from college in the spring.


HI EVERYONE! I’m going on this tour too, but the Egypt one. I’m from Aus but will have been in the UK area for 10 months by the time the tour starts. Can’t wait to meet you all, might see a few of you at wombats the night before!


Hi everyone,

Just joined this tour as my original one has be cancelled. Travelling solo from NZ.
I’ll be in London a couple of days before, most likely staying at Wombats.
Andrew I would be keen on the Man U vs Arsenal game, been an Arsenal supporter since I was a kid, and was looking at matches that I could see before my last tour got cancelled.


Hi guys!

Scott, I was looking at tickets and they are 300 dollars so I may just skip out on going to the Man U vs Arsenal game. I also just booked my flight and I plan to arrive in London Friday May 5th, if anyone wants to meet up before our trip starts?


Hi All,

Andrew, it is a lot, but I think its a once in a lifetime thing, particularly as its at the Emirates against one of the classic rivals. I’m going to see if I can find a place to get cheaper tickets or even find a season holder who isn’t able to attend and is willing to on sell.
I’ll be in London a couple of days earlier also and plan on staying at Wombats so would be keen to meet up before the tour starts.


Hi All,

I’m doing the Classic Europe tour which is the first 15 days of this trip!
This will be my first trip overseas and I’m traveling solo from Australia.
I’ll be arriving in London on the 5th of May and most likely staying at Wombats. I would be keen to meet before the trip starts too.
Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Belinda,

Sorry, haven’t been on here in ages, had to much going on. Have confirmed my arrival in London and accommodation at Wombats from the 5th so I think a pre-tour meet up is a must.
Are you doing more than one trip or just the Classic Europe?


Hi Scott,

I agree! I’m sure we can arrange to all meet.

The classic Europe is the only topdeck tour I’m doing but I’ve got a few weeks by myself in Italy and Greece then sailing in Croatia.
Are you doing other tours?


hey ! I have booked the this trip for 11th July 2017! Cant waitt!