Mega european may 3rd - june 20th 2016


Hi! I’ve just booked the mega European for May 3rd 2016 but wondering if there is anyone else that has already booked this trip as it will be my first time traveling alone! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey! I haven’t booked my trip yet but I’m thinking of going around this May next year! I’m also travelling alone which I’ve never done before but looking forward to the adventure :smile:


How exciting! Where are you from?


The UK, Essex in particular :slight_smile: what about yourself?


Melbourne, Australia!


Oh wow thats amazing!! Theres seems to be lots of people from australia from the chats ive read. So are you just planning on doing this tour?


Yep! I’m going up a day earlier and leaving a day later, any longer and I’d get too homesick haha. How about you?


I will be coming from London, but when the tour finishes i have another 2 months off so i might just travel somewhere else alone rather than on a group tour :smile:


Hey :smile:
Im probably going to be booking onto this trip within the next week :smile:
im travelling alone also… and am unsure about what I will be doing afterwards!! staying and maybe finding some pub work? or maybe I will go home?
Im from New Zealand :slight_smile: Im kinda leaving it in the open and playing it by ear for now


Hey girls, I have just booked this tour and also travelling alone. Getting nervous!! Who has also booked and definitely doing this tour? :smile:


I have def booked now :smile:

Im getting nervous too, and am also travelling alone… so glad other people are as well!! haha


Hey guys we should create a fb group so we can all chat on there and then as people join this conversation and are on the same tour they can join our fb page :slight_smile:


For anyone on the same tour as us next year and the girls in this chat - make sure you join the fb group page I just created so we can all get to know each other on there :smile:

The group name is below-

Mega European - May 3rd- June 20th 2016

Thanks cant wait to meet you all :smile:


Hi Ashlee I can’t find the group? Add me as a friend - Mikayla tunzi :slight_smile:


I am thinking of doing this trip. It will be my first time travelling and also going alone. I want to do a couple weeks exploring after the trip is finished. Getting Nervous because I need to book it soon!! :smile: I’m from Wellington New Zealand.


Hey :slight_smile: Im from wellington too haha…

Its my first time travelling, and going alone also… you should book it! :smile: also im unsure about after the trip too- dont want to go back home too early haha


Hey guys! I’ve just booked this tour! :slight_smile: Am also travelling alone, for the first time. I’m coming from New Zealand and would love to join the facebook group! I cant find it by searching the name, if you could please add me? :slight_smile: Ashleigh Podjursky.


Hey Ashlee, I just booked this tour yesterday! I cant find the group on Facebook. Are you able to add me to it? :smile:
Ashleigh Podjursky


I’ve just made a new group for us - ‘mega European May 3rd 2k16’


Sorry I am no longer on this tour. Thanks