Mega European May 18


Hey team - anybody else on this tour? I know its early days but I’m just so excited!!! I think this tour links up with lots of others aswell - Anybody else doing eurocamping around this time??


Hey I am planning on doing this massive tour, but in July and I have also booked and am mega excited!!! I understand.[br]You’ll have to give me some tips for when I go on mine.[br]Have you done Topdeck before? I haven’t but am doing Egypt with them over Christmas[br]Take care[br]Dan


Hey Dan[br]Pleased to hear that there are others just as excited as me![br]I havn’t done anything remotely like this before. 1st time overseas (aside from Australia) and goin solo!! Cant wait!!! I’ll be keen to hear how your adventure to egypt is!!![br]Good luck and happy travels!![br]Nic


Hey Nic[br]I will be sure to let you know how my Egypt trip goes… only 3 weeks to go, very exciting, although no one has replied to me on here so maybe I am going on this trip solo… hope not![br]Cheers[br]Danielle


hey man my name is jase, im going on this tour as well, should be sweet, where bouts in nz are you?


Hey Jase, I’m in Christchurch. Where are you? I’m leaving NZ April 28 and going to London via Melbourne and Tokyo. What are your plans? Nicki


Hey, yeah im in CHCH as well, i lived in Melbourne for the last couple years, originally from Timaru. I fly out on may 2nd and have a few days in Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau before i hit the UK. Are you gonna stay on in the UK? i just waiting for my visa. what u do in Chch?


I’m a chef here in Chch. Planning to get a working holiday visa for the UK. No set plans after the tour but I’ll just wait and see what comes along. What about you?


Yeah bout the same, have u applied for your visa, you have to make an appointment to get fingerprinted now so it takes a while. I be staying with a mate who i met traveling round the states, hes living in London. should be good fun. mite work there for a bit then travel around some more.


Havn’t applied yet as I thought you could only get the visa 3 months from when you enter. Will do asap though. I have a few mates scattered through the uk and ireland so I’ll prob go visiting until the money runs out!!! haha:)


Yeah the visa thing takes a while but i sent mine away majorly early coz i need to get my passprt sent away again for china visa. we should catch up before the trip, its always cool to know who your travelling with. Do u use hotmail or facebook?


Yeah I’m on hotmail. Drop me an email with ur number and we’ll meet up and have a beer!!


Hey Nic[br]I did my egypt tour and it was awesome!!! I highly recommend it, its very different to anything you will see in Europe. [br]Good to see you have found someone on your tour. I haven’t yet but its still ealry days.[br]Catch ya![br]Danielle


Hey,[br]Im booked for the may 18th tour as well. Im from Tauranga, but have been living in Korea for the last two years. Im so excited. Im happy to see that there will be other kiwis travelling on their own as well. [br][br]look forward to meeting you[br]sophie


Hi Sophie, stoked to hear there will be others joining us!! I met Jase for a beer the other day! Not long to go now, looking forward to meeting you. Are you at the globetrotter on the 17th?


Not sure yet, im in England for 3 weeks before the tour and have heaps of relatives there but leaves pretty early so might be wise. Im working on korea at the moment so it hasnt really sunk in yet. i have visas sorted out but other then that not organised yet. Anytime i tell anyone that im going i get two different responses, either they think it will be great or they cant believe i want to go camping for 47 days. I thinks its gonna be great, im so excited about the sailing the most I think and florence and everything i guess. Are you gonna hang around London after?


Hey Nic & co.[br]I’m going on the 47 day tour starting 18 May. This might turn out to be a kiwi-fest. Although I now live in Australia for 8 years. Hey just a question, I didn’t think ya needed visas, or are you guys all applying for working visas. Look forward to hearing from you


Hey Sophie and Wenz! Kiwifest sounds right!!! Its going to be a blast no matter who is with us!! I’m just looking forward to the experience in general - being a chef I cant wait to suss out the food!!![br]In relation to Visas Wenz - I’m doing the working holiday thing so I’m not sure what the story is for you if you are just going for a holiday. I’m planning on hanging around in London for a while after the trip but hopoing to head to Scotland to work. No set plans yet so I may be persuaded into doing something else… who knows!!!


Hi Nic & co., Thanks for the reply. I’m just holidaying for 3 months (the tour in Europe & then about 5 weeks in UK). Can’t wait! Been looking forward to this for over a year!! Am coming over by myself so am a bit nervous but getting really excited too. I’m from the Gold Coast, flying out of Brisbane with a stop over in Korea, so that should be interesting too. Keep in touch, and can’t wait to catch up in London :slight_smile:


Hey team - not long to go now! we are going to have a fab time. Spoke to Jase the other day - we are both finishing our jobs soon - I think my last day at work will become the point where this whole thing becomes real! it seems like a dream at the moment. Looking forward to meeting you all!!