Mega European march 2013


Hey :slight_smile:

Just booked and paid for the mega European march 2013 and was wondering who else is going on this trip??So excited, but a bit nervous as I’ll be travelling solo…
I’ll also be doing two other bus about tours after this :slight_smile:


Hi Nic,

Just booked the 30th March tour and saw that you too are going on the same tour!
I live in Perth but I’m flying from Melbourne - is that where you are going from as well?

Very very exciting but yes scary going solo. :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you


Hey jeni :slight_smile:
Yey someone finally replied haha
Yea, I’m from Melbourne, I leave on the 20th of march! Cannot wait! :slight_smile:


hey Nic,

That’s great well I’m booking my flights tomorrow but should arrive in London on the 28th March ready for the tour on the 30th.
I’m staying at the Clink78 Hostel so will see you in London on the Saturday ready to go.

So excited
Have a merry xmas
Cheers Jen


Hey Nic & Jeni,

Yay I will also be on this tour! But I will be heading over on the 1st March to travel round England and Ireland for St Pats day. Also mega excited and very nervous going by myself. =P

Ill be at the Clink78 from 27th -30th maybe we can all catch up beforehand.

There are also a few other people on the ‘topdeck meet’ app if you wanna check that out.

Amber x


Hey Nic Jeni and Amber
I’m Brittany I will be on this tour too, nice to meet you! Very excited but nervous too, I am travelling by myself - it’s good to see other people doing the same :slight_smile: i am also staying at the Clink78 the night before the tour starts so really looking forward to meeting you all
not long to wait now!


I’m staying at the c-link78 also! But I arrive a week before the tour!
Just over 10 weeks to go, :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi everyone, I’m Chantelle.
I am also going on the March tour.
I am leaving on the 7th March and heading over to travel a little of the UK first. Plan is to stay on afterwards too :slight_smile: Who would be up for meeting earlier in London? I am only staying at the Clink the night prior to the tour but will be happy to meet up anytime. Looking forward to meeting you all ;D