Mega European Mar 08


Anyone planning on taking this tour next year? I have booked to go and as its getting closer Im getting more anxious!!


Is anyone booked to go on this trip at all??? [br][br]Hope Im not going on my own![br][br]Love to hear from you if you are booked on this trip too! [br][br]:slight_smile:


Welcome to our world sandy, we have booked the summer fun and sailing tour and noone has got back to us either…we are not feeling the love, prolly cos noone actually thinks topdeck is a pack of playing cards or something rather than a tour service lol


Well that makes two of us - I will be joining you! - Your on the tour that leaves 26 March?[br]I booked my tour a couple of months ago and didn’t realise how close its getting. I’m really looking forward to being in Gallipoli for ANZAC day.[br]Where abouts in Australia are you from?[br][br]:)[br][br]


Sorry - I meant to say your on the tour that leaves 30 March I think it is? I fly out on the 26 March


Hey Murphy! Cool finally someone else is going to be on tour! Yea tour leaves on 30 March and Im so excited about Gallipoli also! Im in WA and am travelling on my own. How about yourself??[br][br];D


Cool - I’m from Qld - I’m travelling by myself aswell, a lot of people have told me that’s the way to do it - you meet so many people. Are you hopping on in London at the globetrotter inn? I’m staying there for 2 nights before the tour departs


Yea probably I havent decided for how long yet though maybe 1 or 2 nights. A few people said that travelling on your own is the best way to me also.[br][br]After this tour are you heading back to Qld or have you got other tours planned??[br][br]I am going to stay in London for awhile afterwards & then Im heading off to do other tours aswell, am going to be travelling for around 3 months at this stage.


I’m staying on after the tour - I’m applying for a 2year working visa - so after the tour finishes up I’m going to be staying in London to work and just see what happens - work for a bit then travel for a bit. There’s lots of festivals and things I want to do etc that I want to stick around for. But this tour is the only official tour I’ve got planned and booked.[br]What other tours are you doing? Are you going to be working in London at all?


Im doing others through other travel agencies. One is from Moscow to Beijing and then Beijing to Kunming - which is through China basically.[br][br]No Im not staying on to work if I did I would never come back home & for me that isnt an option!![br][br]That sounds cool, what kind of work are you looking at doing? Or are you just gonna do whatever comes your way?[br][br]I have a couple of friends in London at the moment who are doing the same thing. One is only there for a year as a Nanny and the other is on a 2 year Visa also I think. I am planning to catch up with them when Im there.


That sounds awesome about the tour through China.[br]Not sure what kind of work yet - probably start off in a bar type job as I’ve got some experience working in a bar and then maybe head into an office job so I have a set pay etc. But yeh at the beginning whatever work I can get basically.[br]How did your friend get into the nanny thing? [br]I wonder if they’re any other people coming on this tour! - or maybe people just don’t think to go on the forums


Yea thats what I was thinking!! Maybe they dont know about them perhaps![br][br]My friend got the nanny job through another friend that did it last year and then she was coming home so the people needed another person so she contacted them and got the job![br][br]Sounds great with what you are planning to do. You will meet so many people if you do bar work.


Yea I can’t wait - especially for this tour! There’s going to be so many people to meet - how old are you? Do you go to uni/work etc?[br][br]I’m debating whether to take a suitcase or a backpack - I think i’m leaning more towards a backpack after reading a couple of the forums - a suitcase could get a bit annoying to cart around - the hard part is going to be packing the bare minimum!


I’m not on your tour, but I am taking a backback :slight_smile: I think it will be much easier to get around and use and probably pack :)[br][br]my straps can be zipped away so that over zealous baggage handlers cant rip or destroy them :)[br][br][br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Yep. I have a backpack and it came with like a smaller day backpack so I think that should be enough. Just have to buy stuff & send it home I reckon!!![br][br]Im 27 and I work in an office. How old are you & what do you do??


Thanks for the input whirlsie - I think I will take a backpack also - the hard part is going to be resisting buying everything! But yep Susy sending it all home sounds like a good idea.[br][br]I’m 18 (19 in Apr when we’re sailing in Greece - gee what a hard way to spend a birthday!)- I work part time in an office and also in a bar - I finally told work about the travel plans, what a relief!


Sounds cool! My birthday is whilst Im on the trip through Moscow to Beijing! We will have to have a few drinks for your birthday!![br][br]Yes I know, I manage the office I work in so I had to give heaps of notice so they could hire someone whilst I am away to help out & we finally got someone so thats a huge relief! I was going no matter what whether they liked it or not anyways![br][br]Its getting close now! I think the time is going to fly by & sooner than we know it we will be off!!


Hey guys I am doing this trip in July on my way home to Oz. I have travelled a bit while i’ve been living in London for 18 months, but any hints or tips you have are absolutely appreciated so let me know how you go.[br]All the best[br]Danielle;D


Yeh we will definatley have to have a few drinks for our birthdays![br]that must be a huge relief about work![br]Hopefully time goes by fast! I didn’t realise how close it’s gotten - I really have to get my stuff together - pack up ready for a life in a different country for a year or so - eek![br][br]Hey Dan! - that’s awesome that your doing this tour - bummer that your not going on the same one as us - I got excited for a minute there, thought we’d found someone else doing the same tour! I will definately let you know how it goes![br]I’m heading back to the uk after my tour - to work and travel around - any tips you can give me? What kind of work did you get into?[br][br]Sarah


Yes its a huge relief! Im cant believe how fast the time is going also! How are you going to pack for afterwards or are you planning on posting some more clothes over to you in UK or are you just gonna buy new stuff???[br][br]:)[br][br]Hey dan will do, I thought for a minute that you were another person on our trip also! But will def let you know how it goes :)[br][br]