Mega European leaving 2nd August


Hi, just seeing if anyone else is doing this tour at this time?


Hey Merryn,
Yeah I’m going on this tour too. Are you staying at the clink before or after the tour at all?



Hey Merryn and Bree!
My sister Kim and I have booked in for the Mega tour for August 2 as well! We’re SO excited! We’ll probably be staying at clink78 for a night or two before the tour, if you kids want to catch up for a beer before we start out it’d be great.
Looking forward to meeting the mega crew!
Beth :slight_smile:


Yeah sounds great. My Boyfriend and I are doing the trip together. We will be staying at the Clink78 for 2 nights before and 6 nights afterwards as we want to have a look around London before heading over to Ireland. Cant wait to catch up.


hey, yeah would love have a beer or 2, I’m staying at the clink for 7 nights before the tour and 5 nights after. I just cant wait to get on the plane and get there!!! ;D


I’m on the tour toooo :slight_smile: I’m so excited! x x