Mega European June 8th-July 24


Hey! Anyone going on this tour? I’m doing the Athens - London section of it. Super excited!


hi~ I’m Ann. [br]I booked mega european ! [br]And 5 more days in London after this. So exciting!!![br]my first trip to Europe;D[br]Totally bankruped.>:( [br][br]It’s hard to find someone who join in this trip~~[br]happy to find your note.


Hey! I’m going to be in London for 4 days after the tour also! I have friends there so it will be really nice to see them. I have been to the UK before but never been to Europe. Its going to be great! I’m doing Contiki’s 8 day Mykonons and Island Cruising before meeting up with the Mega in Athens. I’m actually in debt cuz of this whole little excursion, but it’s going to be worth it! Are you going solo?


Hey guys, Im on the Istanbul London section of this tour, Traveling solo really looking forwad to it.


Nice, I can’t wait! It still seems so far away… I leave Canada on June 18th, so less than 2 months to go! Im sure the time will fly by. I have no idea how much money to bring but ive heard somewhere around 60 euros a day should be good. There are only a few optionals i’m planning on doing.


Do you guys have facebook?


I do.


oh, I’m going solo. Actually I worried about my free trip in London but I thought it’ll great anyway~ I don’t have friend in there and don’t know anything; [br]what’s ‘facebook’ mean? Picture? I’m not good at English as you already notice. xx(


facebook is a social networking site. … its like myspace but better. Dont worry about London its a lot of fun and easy enough to get around, the tube is pretty convenient, as long as you’re staying in central london. Im sure there will be at least afew people who will be staying after also. where are you from?


I’m from Korea. I had an orientation on last Satureday. Day is coming. > - <


Less than a month till I leave!!! woohoo! I bought a bag yesterday, i’m pretty well set to go.