Mega European June 7th 2016


Hey everyone,
just wondering who else is going on this trip and where from :smiley:


I will be on the trip for the first half, classic Europe ends in Rome. I’m from Houston, Texas. How about you?



I’ll be joining the trip in Rome.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia


Hey! I will be on this trip as well as one of my friends, both from New Zealand


Haha it seems nobody’s doing the full trip, oh well more people to meet. I’m from New Zealand


We are doing the full tour, Where abouts in NZ are you?
Found the below link on another post, didn’t know it existed so could be handy for others…


Im from Wellington, what about yourself and thanks for the link really helpful.


Hey Guys. I’ll be on this tour too :smile: and can’t wait. I’m from NZ and will be staying at wombats a night or two before hand :smile:


Hi Amy, My friend and i will also be at wombats before hand from the 2nd on. Would be keen to catch up if your about :slight_smile:


Hey guys! My I’m Amel.
Im doing the Bosphorus Egypt Adventure so I’ll be with you guys from London till Athens I think!
I’ll also be in London(at Wombats too!) 2 days before the trip, so It’d be great to meet up with you guys and do all that touristy type of stuff!
Btw - Travelling from Brisbane, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey squad!
I’m doing this trip in its entirety! I’m a 24 year old kiwi living in Sydney. Stopping in Dubai on the way over then and joining the tour in Paris. 5 days in London at wombats at the end. Can’t wait :slight_smile:️ Has anyone else downloaded the top deck app so we can have group banter before we start?
Jordy x


Hey Jordyn
When do you arrive in Dubai? My friend and I are on the tour for the whole trip and have been in Dubai since Saturday it’s amazing! We’ve got the tour radar app which links into the group chat on Facebook, there’s a few on there already.


Hey Hayley!
I’ll download the app for sure. I’m doing a ‘top deck stopover’ in Dubai I’m so excited. Any recommendations before I get there?


Ps I arrive in Dubai early on the 4th


How many days will you be here for? The evening desert Safari is amazing and the hop on hop off busses are a great way to get around and see all the main attractions. Do you know what part of Dubai your accommodation is in?


I’ve just downloaded the app.

Also I am spending a few days in London at the end of the trip with no plans as yet so would love some pointers!