Mega European June 13th - August 31st & other tours


Hi All,

I have done some investigating and the below trips are the others that make up people for our tours.
Some of these go to greece and some of them go to Egypt, with a few other different locations.
If you are on any of the below trips.

Please find us on facebook, type the below into the search bar.
"topdeck Mega European Egypt/Greece 13th June - 31st July"

  • Road to Athens 13th June - 6th July
  • Cleopatra’s Jewel - 13th June - 9th July
  • Oceanic Empires 13th June - 11th July
  • Classic Europe 13th July - 27th July
  • Eastern Adventure 2nd July- 31st July
  • Pharaoh’s Escape - 2nd July - 31st July
  • Eastern Explorer 8th July - 31st July
  • East meets West 17th July - 31st July
  • Imperial Trail - 27th June - 31st July

We already have found 7 other people, so we would love for you to join our group.
We are all staying a few days in London before hand.