Mega european jun21st/how it all works


Hi Leisha,

You will receive further details regarding the meeting point and time of departure with your trips documents which will be sent to you roughly 6 weeks before you depart. In the mean time, we hope this information helps with your queries.

  1. All Topdeck EuroClub trips (including the Mega European) depart from the Clink78 Hostel: 78 King’s Road, London WC1X9QG. The closest London Underground stop is King’s Cross St Pancras. Check in for most trips departing from London is at 6.30am and usually return back to London between 6.30pm and 8.30pm – please check your itinerary carefully for exact details. We suggest staying at the Clink78 Hostel before your trip so you don’t have to lug your bags across London in the early hours of the morning to arrive at the hostel in time for your departure. If you’re interested in booking pre or post accommodation at this hostel, please contact

  2. In terms of luggage each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage. For this you may use any kind of bag you wish – suitcase, backpack etc. as long as it fits within the following size and weight dimensions. Some people prefer the flexibility and ease of a backpack, while others prefer the structure and safety of a suitcase, the choice is yours! You’re also allowed to bring along a day pack. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 20kgs and the size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm.

  3. As your trip does Flotilla Sailing in Greece, you will need to bring a sleeping bag with you (bedding is not supplied on the sail boats).

  4. It would be handy to pack a set or two of evening clothes for the nights you decide to go out.

Just shout if you have any more questions.

Topdeck Team


Hey Leisha!! Im booked on the same tour as you (mega 21 june). Just thought id let you know that im staying a couple of nights before the tour at the clink78, because the tour leaves early in the morning and i really didnt want to have to figure out how to get there on the morning of the tour (ive never been to london before). If you want send me your fb link and ill let you know what im thinking of packing. :slight_smile:



I’m on this trip as well (yay!). I can hardly wait.

Leisha, in terms of the sleeping bag, I was planning on bringing a sleep sack - the sort that normally goes inside a sleeping bag to make it warmer, and using that as my sleeping bag for the sailing. I’m assuming it will be pretty warm and so that should be sufficient, but if anyone knows otherwise, it would be good to know ahead of time! Also, in terms of staying in shape, I was actually wondering the same thing as I’m getting married two months after we get back. I would hate to come back looking like I had eaten all of Europe. Maybe we can do morning runs? Though I doubt we’ll ever have the energy for that :wink:

I would love to hear what you ladies are planning on packing since the suggested clothing list just seems SO minimal for 49 days. I’ll send you guys a message with my e-mail and maybe we can all talk packing lists.


Hello! I am travelling this tour aswell. I’ve already got a sleeping bag and pillow. I haven’t got a day bag yet though and finding it hard to find one, I guess this will be like a backpack, my other big bag will just be a suitcase but they have to be quite small though cause of the weight limitations.
What walking shoes have you guys got? I wasn’t sure whether it was best to get proper walking shoes or just a good pair of trainers?
How much money are you taking? This is what I’m worried about most, so far I’ve only got 2500. I am determined not to get chunky on this trip,I’m just gonna live on bread lol.


Hey girls!

I’m not on your tour (although I could be! Haha - am looking for a tour to do but was looking @ the Mega European on the 12th July) but I was reading about your worries in regards to putting on weight etc; with the amount of walking you’re going to doing, you’re going to lose weight by the end of the trip. I did a 37 day tour with Contiki through Europe and I came back super tanned and weighing less than what I did before I left, and that was eating whatever I wanted during the entire trip! You just do so much so don’t stress about putting on weight or keeping fit - the tours will do that for you! :slight_smile:
As for packing, pack very light! I’m hoping to do another tour and I’m only planning on taking like a pair of jeans, a few skirts, shorts, a couple of tops, maybe a nice dress to wear out and thongs/flats and sneakers. You will buy so much stuff over there and it’s a b!tch having to cart around a heavy suitcase, especially on a tour that goes for so long!
Anyways, hope I’ve helped in some way!! If I don’t go on your tour, have a fabulous time!!! :slight_smile:
Mel xx