Mega European Jun 5th + UK & Ireland Jul 29th



I am doing the Mega European on June 5th and then the Britain and Ireland tour on July 29th. I wanted to know if anyone on here are doing the same tours? I will be travelling alone and its my first time to Europe, so keen to find travelling buddies :slight_smile:

I am also going to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh if anyone has any pointers.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Kimba!

Im booked on the Mega European on June 5th aswell :slight_smile:
Im so excited, already counting down the days! haha. Its my first time to Europe too and im also going solo. Are you staying at the Clink hostel before the tour? If you are I would be keen to do some sightseeing and stuff in London before we start if you want?

Do you have facebook? :slight_smile:



i’m doing the one on the 5th i’m staying at the hostel the night before would love to catch up on the nigh before look on face book as well on there meet people section


Hey Kimberly where in NZ are you? I’m originally from Palmy North, have been living in UK for 9months. Going on the 5th June Tour and staying at the hostel the night before. Should be awesome!


Hey EamonnNZ!
Im from good old Hamilton haha. How are you finding living in the UK? Are you enjoying it?
I can’t wait for the tour to start getting so excited now =)
Do you have facebook?
We should all catch up at the hostel the night before then =)
Do you guys have any plans after the tour?


p.s. also approx how much money are you planning on taking? I have no idea!! haha


Hey, im doing the Britain and Ireland tour on the 29th as well! but im doing the grand european tour before hand! glad theres actually someone else goin on this tour!


Yea loving the UK. Have been working at an Aussie pub in the south of England. Yea search eamonn barnett for facebook. Not sure how much money to take think I’m gonna be on a pretty tight budget haha.


Hi Everyone, Im also going on the tour solo…so excited. ill be staying at the hostel the night before, and arrive in london from the 1st June staying central, sightseeing etc.
Would love to catch up and see the sights together:)



Hi Sarah,

I will be in London from the 29th June and will be staying at the Clink hostel until the tour leaves. Definately keen to catch up though and see some of the london sights before we go! Is anyone keen to go and see a west end show? I may go and see one depending on the cost haha.
Do you have facebook sarah? It may be easier to keep in touch on there. Add me if you like Kimmi Snook (or my email is can’t wait to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Hi All. I am also on the Mega European Tour. I am joining on day 2 in Paris… So excited!! Also a little nervous as I am travelling on my own… can’t wait to be on the plane on my way!! Look forward to seeing you all in Paris. :slight_smile:


Hey Kate!
Nice to meet ya :slight_smile:
I’m a bit nervous as well because I am also travelling solo, I’m sure it will be great tho!
Add me on faceook if you want Kimmi Snook or



Hi Guys!!!
I’m also booked to do this tour! Kate i’m also joining on day 2 in Paris, so i’m glad there will be someone else doing the same too! Can’t wait to be on my way!!


That’s crazy I’m doing the EXACT same two tours! Mega European on my own (well not really, I’ll be with all you new friends!), then my bro is joining me for UK and Ireland. And I’m going to Iceland in between!

Can’t wait, looks we’re all in the same boat, it’s going to be so much fun!

Jen xx


i’m abit sad i couldn’t do the second trip with everyone i have to fly back on the 9th of august i wanted to this one though can’t wait to meet everyone on the 4th of June


Hi Guys,

I’ll be joining you in Rome on the 19th. (35 Day Imperial Trail 19th June to 23 July)

Save me a spot on the bus!



Hey guys!

Sorry about the delayed reply, I have been away for work for 1.5 months straight!

Yes I am staying at the clink before the tour (1-5th) and then after the tour for 5 days or so before I head to Edinburgh. Would love to do some sightseeing with anyone that is keen! Definitely some west end shows :slight_smile:

I’ll be in London (Clink) between the two tours, though I WISH I was going to Iceland Jen! That sounds AMAZING!!!

You can all find me on facebook: “Kimberly Moiler” If you guys want to meet up before the tours we can discuss it on there :slight_smile:

So excited :smiley:


Hey Kimba =)

I will be at the Clink from the 29th of May so look forward to seeing you there!
You have already added me on facebook so we can keep in touch on there?
I am VERY keen to see a west end show - what are you interested in seeing?

Yeah Iceland sounds amazing Jen!

See you in London! =)