Mega European July 4th anyone?!


Anyone else doing the Mega European Tour leaving July 4th!!! So excited! ;D


Hey brittany, I just booked the mega euro for the 4th and and very much looking forward to it, can’t wait cause a friend of mine went on the same trip and said she had the time of her life!



Hey cant wait to meet you all!!! Where are you all from? B-)


Hey Mate, I am from Melbourne but have been living in London for the last 10 months. Where are you from? Looking forward to the trip, can’t wait!



I am from the states! Anyone staying at Clink the night before? i get into to London at like 7am saturday the 2nd… going to check into the hostel and then hit the pub lol ;D I cant wait for Greece!!!


Hey Marrie, I am on the trip but wont be staying at the Clink before the trip. I will also be at a pub tho watching the world cup, let me know if you need a drinking partner, dont know where i will be yet as it depends on who is playing:) but i am sure a few friends and I will be out.


Very cool! Your from Melbourne, i lived in Auckland for 3 years so i visited Melbourne when i did a tour of the Outback! You like London? Expansive though?


hey guys!
me and my friend morgan will be on this tour… CANT WAIT! not long now :slight_smile: add me on face book if you like!!

we are from new zealand and will be staying in the clink for a couple of nights before the tour


Hey Marrie, So what did you think of Melbourne? I love it there. Where are you from?

I have enjoyed London, been living here collectively for almost 2 years, there is so much to do, plenty of live music, etc, travel is also good too. Thought it can be quite expensive, not so bad when you are working but the cash goes fast when you are not:)

Not long to go now


Hey all, yes not long now!! Will be at the Clink the night before too. Maybe someone can leave a notice up so we can all have a pre-tour bevie or 2 the night before? Can’t wait!!! :slight_smile:


good idea!


Hey everyone,
I would definitely be keen to meet up for a drink before hand, I will be at Clink for a couple of days before we leave.
See you all in a couple of weeks!!!
Can’t wait ;D


Hey guys!!! Has anyone received their travel documents from topdeck yet??? I havent… bit worried. Yes i am staying at Clink the night before. maybe we should all meet in the lobby at a certain time?! go to the pub and have dinner and drinks?

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio… yup boring state. lol yes i loved Melbourne. great city. true making british pounds would be nice :slight_smile:

i am excited about our tour… been hearing by the end tho people are burnt out lol! :smiley: I cant wait for Greece and Italy…


Hey Marrie, I received the documents via email from topdeck, i am happy to email you the itinerary if you like? if you add watching the world cup to the pub idea i may be in:)

I actually don’t know anything about Ohio so i can’t comment if its boring or not:) But i will take your word for it:)

I hope i dont get too burnt out as i will be going to Egypt for 3 weeks the day after the tour finishes:)


lol i am sure the world cup will be on in the pub! haha geez 3 weeks in Egypt? Are you doing a tour? How much is that going to cost you? that sounds awesome! i really want to get my advanced scuba diving license in the Red Sea one day!!! You stay on a livaboard boat for a week and do all your dives there! :slight_smile: Are you doing the skydive in Switzerland?

Is everyone just taking over Euros? Anyone traveling alone?

They re-emailed me my documents today! YEAH!!!


I am doing a tour in Egypt, just so much easier than doing it on my own. The tour costs £520 plus $350 USD local payment. I have never been diving but imagine it would be pretty cool:)

I am doing the skydive, I have always wanted to and think in Switzerland would be a good first time!

I am taking some Euro’s with me in cash and will use my Visa Debit card and may also get a travelex card and put some cash on that if the rate is good. I am travelling alone.


Have you ever used a travelex card before? How does it work? The rate you buy it at is a set rate? I don’t want to be always looking for an ATM all the time either. Or trying to exchange money all the time.


I have used one before, it kinda works like a debit card but you cant use it for purchases, you can only use it to take cash out of ATM’s. I think it charges you about £2 each time you withdraw, you buy the currency at a set rate to lock it in. I think that it is really only worthwhile if the current exchange rate is better than it has been in the last say 6 months just so you can lock in the rate, but I also think that the rate they give you is not that good.

Hope this helps


The only reason i was thinking about getting one is so i dont have to carry so much money around with me all the time… What happens if you dont use all of the money on the card? Will they just exchange it back? How are you doing the money thing?


I actually don’t know what happens if you don’t use all the money on the card, I am sure they would buy it back but I am also sure that they would either charge you a fee or give you a worse rate in return. I think that I will just go over with some cash in hand and use my visa debit card and take cash out when I need it, the rate should be good enough though ATM’s.