Mega European July 2010


Hi[br][br]I have just booked the Mega Europeann for July 4 2010 and will be travelling solo. Anyone else planning on doing this tour? I can’t wait!!! ;D


Hey I have just booked the mega european tour as well, but in March so get to go to ANZAC day. Travelling on my own as well. Does anyone know how cold it will be at that time of the year?


Hi,[br][br]I am also now looking at the mega trip, it wont be until end of July though. Will then tour the UK on return and then look to join a Oktoberfest tour. [br][br]Also making the trip solo, all good cant wait. Will look to book at the end of the year.


[quote]Originally posted by larissaeurope2010[br]
Hey I have just booked the mega european tour as well, but in March so get to go to ANZAC day. Travelling on my own as well. Does anyone know how cold it will be at that time of the year?[br][br]Hey we just confirmed on the same tour. My partner and I from welly and leaven for uk in feb. Times shooting up fast !! hopefully not freezing :slight_smile:


Hey meals, I just booked the mega euro for the 4th and and very much looking forward to it, can’t wait cause a friend of mine went on the same trip and said she had the time of her life!



Hey guys, yep 4th July Mega Europe I’ll be there too !! Cant wait to meet you all its going to be a blast!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys
This trip is going to be awesome. I leave at the end of the month and I am really excited now!!!
Where are you guys from?



Hey meals,

I am from melbourne but have been living in London for almost the last year which is my second stint here. Really looking forward to the travelling, are u going anywhere after this trip?



I have 8 days after the trip where I am hoping to go across to Dublin for a few days. Unfortunately then it is back home for me :’(

Are you heading back home to Melbourne after your trip?


I would say not too much time after the trip for you but I guess you get about 2 months of holidays in all:)

I fly out the morning after we return to Cairo for 3 weeks Going arond in Egypt, then back to London for a week, then off to Croatia for a week then travel around eastern euro, Switzerland, Italy, France, spain & Portugal over about a 3 month period. Likely to return to Melbourne start jan.

If u get stuck for something to do before the trip feel free to contact me.


Wow, sounds like you are going to have an awesome time!!! Yep 2 months is a nice holiday, and at least I can always go back again…

Thanks, I will keep that in mind ;D


Fantastic!! Cant wait for Capri and Corfu!! What are you guys looking forward to? :slight_smile:


I am also looking forward to Capri and keen to see Monaco and Vienna. When do you get into london Fez? Are you doing further travel?


Hey guys!!! I am doing the Mega on July 4th as well!!! I can not wait!!! I am from the States and been to Europe a bit in 2006 but never for this long! My kiwi friend also did the Mega and loved it!So who all is going to do the skydiving with me and Meals in Switzerland?? :wink: Should be wicked fun! Have you all decided how much money you are going to take over yet?


hey guys! me and my friend moragn are doing mega european on 4th july WOOO add me on facebook if ya like :slight_smile:!/profile.php?id=752628455
cant wait to meet everyone!!!


So excited about our tour!!! What are you all looking forward to??


Hey Marrie, i will be doing the skydiving as well, so excited about that and all the places we will be going


Wicked! The skydive in Switzerland is out of a helicopter bonus!!! I wonder if our tour will be full? I am ready for Amsterdam! i need a vacation! Simon have you traveled much of Europe yet?


I have never been skydiving but is it better to go from a helicopter rather than a plane? I was thinking that a plane would be higher up so more air time:) Either way i am going:)

You keen on getting to Amsterdam are you, saving the best to last for you then:)

I have only done a bit of europe so far, been to paris a few times, been to all the places in italy that we are going to a few times except Sorrento, and been to a few more places in Europe and UK that we are not going to. I will be travelling for 6 months so plan to see plenty more:)

How about you, have you seen much?

Feel free to add me to FB!/profile.php?id=743021868

Looking forward to it:)


omg skydiving is freaky!!! but amazing!
my partner does it as a hobby so he made me do it once. so worth it though!!!