Mega European July 2 2013



I have booked this tour departing 2nd July 2013 and will be going solo. Has anyone else booked this tour?

Hope to hear back from you B-)


Hi Tammy

I have just booked this tour and am flying solo also :slight_smile: It will be my first time in Europe so pretty excited!


Hi Ester,

Nice to make your acquaintance.

Are you joining the tour in London? If so when do you arrive?

looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

FYI theres 7 months 8 days to go …lol ;D


HI Esther,
I’m doing the first half of the mega European, on the second of July so will be joining you and Tammy. I am also from Perth! What date do you depart? :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Tammy I only just saw your reply so its now just under 5 months to go!! I will be joining the tour in London still need to book flights but looking at arriving aound the 30th June. What date do you arrive in London?

Maddy that’s awesome theres another Perth person on this trip ;D (although I’m actually a kiwi :P) so might depart from NZ. What airline have you booked with from Perth? I really need to make my mind up and get onto booking flights!

Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Really?! Whats their Topdeck username?
I’m hoping to be departing on the 27th June but have a wedding in Manchester no the 29th so I won’t be in London until maybe the 31st, have the 31st and 1st nights in London :slight_smile: Haven’t booked yet though as I’m waiting for Tomorrowland tickets to come out so I can know the dates I’ll be coming home.
So nervous, I’ve never been overseas befpre ;D
Yeah, can’t wait to meet you all!


Oh by another Perth person I meant you haha
Awesome Tomorrowland looks amazing!! Nothing to be nervous about sounds like your going to have a wicked first OS experience ;D I haven’t been to Europe before so we’re basically in the same boat!


Hi All,

Just saw this post. I will be arriving on the 28th June and will be staying at the clink. It’ll be great to meet you both!

Don’t worry too much about traveling solo we’re all going through the same Thing, So its all good.

If you guys are interested in meeting others that are doing the tour have a look at top deck meet on smartphone app or Facebook. I’ve met some pretty cool ppl on there already.

Also if you’re interested myself and another tour buddy will be checking out the sights in London before we start our tour. Yell out if you’d like to join us 😀

Did you manage to get tickets to tomorrowland? I wanted to go but unfortunately it clashes with the tour… Oh we’ll look like ill have to come back in 2014 lol


Hey Tammy,

That sounds awesome about meeting up before the tour. I’ve got the app now so just need to get around to using it! Getting soooo excited ;D


Noo I didn’t get tickets I stayed up till midnight and went on as soon as it opened but still missed out! Oh well :slight_smile:
Oh I am going to go from Manchester to London on the 1st July- definately would love to meet up with u guys and tag along if you intend to be out and about on the 1st! Which clink are you staying at Tammy? Also, has anyone recieved any info about the actual tour?

It’s getting closeeeeeeee ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
I’m just downloading the app now, what a great idea!


Hi everyone

My cousin and i are on this tour too! Can’t wait, it’s getting so close :slight_smile: We will be heading to Paris for a week before the tour starts so we will meet you all in the city of lights. I am also planning on moving to the UK after the tour ends so if anyone has similar plans and are keen to catch up, let me know.



Yay megan I’m glad your joining in Paris we should meet up for dinner on the 1st July.

Did you have anything organised before the tour starts?