Mega European July 12 - August 29, 2016


Hey everyone!

Booked in for Mega European starting July 12 :smiley: Anyone else booked or thinking about it?
Would love to get to know a few people prior to the trip!



Hi Shailee!
I am on the Classic European tour, which starts off with you guys on the 12th and finishes in Rome, so I will be with you for the first part of your trip :slight_smile:

Where are you from? My friend and I are from Sydney :blush:



Hey!! Me and my friend are doing Road to Athens July 12… which is the first part of your Mega European trip! We finish in Greece !

We’re from Toronto :slight_smile:



Excellent! I’m from NZ and I’ll be travelling solo so I’m a bit nervous :sweat_smile:

Have you guys booked accommodation in London? I’ll be staying with family for a couple of weeks prior but was thinking of staying at Wombats the night before due to the early departure - I’ve read many people do that?



That’s what we will be doing !


Me and my friend are doing the mega European also! :slight_smile: were both from Melbourne!


I’m going to be doing the Classic European tour from the 12th July, I’m actually from London so if you need any help with anything let me know!


Hey I’m doing the Eastern Adventure which I am pretty sure is the end part of the Mega European (I join in Athens on 31 July if that matches up with the dates?). I’m a also solo traveller from the Gold Coast :slight_smile:


Excellent! Look forward to meeting you all :grin:
@Katelyn_Pomroy You’re right, we’ll be in Athens on 31st July so you might be with us from there till the end of the trip :slight_smile: