Mega European (HTME)


I am seriously considering going on the Mega European trip next year with a friend or possible by myself! Is there many girl solo travellers? all i wanted to do my whole life was travel the world and i think this is a great place to start, does anyone have any advice :slight_smile:


im traveling alone and will be doing the mega european that departs july 2 or the 9th depending


Hi All,

I’m looking at booking the Mega European trip departing 2nd or 9th July and will be booking in the next 2 weeks (depending on the approval of my leave from work)

I will be travelling solo as well. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! I can’t wait!

Tammy B-)


Hi there,

Ive booked today for the Mega Euro tour on the 2 july… so pumped!

Hope you guys can join me :slight_smile:


i’m travelling alone on the Mega departing on the 27th August :slight_smile:


Hi! i am really wanting to do the Mega European on 27th August next year :slight_smile: im super excited!!! is anyone else thinking of this date?? Im travelling solo… :slight_smile:


I’m travelling solo next year! I was a bit nervous about it at first but having read through a number of forums it seems that a lot of people are doing it, so hoping to meet some great people on the trip! I depart from London on 18 June! Yay! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I did the Mega European tour this year from June through to August and it was an absolute blast. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Sian you don’t have to worry about being a solo or couple traveller. On my bus the majority of people were solo travellers, with about 3-4 couples and one or two groups of two friends travelling together. Everyone mixed together really well and no one was excluded. My trip was the first time for me doing a big trip and Topdeck definitely eases you into it. Next time I’m going to do a mixture of planned tour and do it myself trips but I will always look back and be super glad that I went with Topdeck for my first big trip and i’ll definitely be a repeat customer of Topdeck.

If anyone has any questions about the trip or just questions in general about what to take etc just ask and I’ll try and get back to you asap.



Hii bek, i am doing the mega from the 18th of June, exciting :slight_smile:


Hi Guys, I am a solo girl traveller and I’m doing the Eastern Explore which joins the Mega European. Unfortunately I miss you all but I was just wondering, probably for Coggo, did the people that joined into the group half way through the tour find it hard to bond and stuff? I’m a bit worried about coming in after everyone else has done a month of travelling together!


Hi all,

I travelled on the Mega European last year and have just finished putting together a blog about what happened on my trip. I have written about every one of the 49 days. I have also included for download where possible the city guide Topdeck give you for each city.

The first post is Day 1 & 2 Paris HERE

Alternatively all the posts about the Mega European trip can be seen HERE
in reverse order.


hey guys! so im thinking about doing the mega european! but does anyone know how much spending money to have? any reccomendations??


Hi Everyone!
Just booked Mega European for the 11th June- yay! can’t wait to head off. Just wondering if anyone else is doing the same tour? It would be nice to maybe hear from someone and get excited together!


Hi cobiv!
I am on the 11th June Mega European too!
So excited!
I am heading to london on the 5th of june, so if you get there early too we should see some sites together :slight_smile:


Hey Cleegan!
I havent booked flights yet but i was planning to get to London around 1st-7th June so some sightseeing would be fab!! If you want to meet (maybe) before we head off that would be cool. Feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:


Hi Cleegan and Cobi!

My friend Nikola and I are booked for the Eastern Adventure that joins your tour in Athens.
We’re travelling from Perth :slight_smile:

I was thinking it might be worthwhile to start a Facebook group so that everyone can keep in touch a little easier.

Save a seat on the bus for us, and we look forward to meeting you in Athens!


Hey guys, I’m joining your Mega European tour in Rome on the 25 June (Imperial Trail) can’t wait! I’m from Auckland looking forward to meeting you all!


Wow how exciting, we are starting to appear out of nowhere!
Applying for my visa next week for the UK, I can’t wait to get there and have some fun!