Mega European Greece June 13-July 31 2017


Hey guys,
My name’s Tegan and I’m traveling solo from Australia. I have booked for the Mega European Greece from 13th June to 31st July.

Have many people booked this one yet? Where are you guys staying before and after the tour? And does anyone have the topdeck app on their phones?




Hey Tegan,

I’m going on the Mega European 13th June till July 31st too!! I’m a solo traveler from New Zealand and there are a few of us who have created a group on facebook. Add me (phoebe.evans.96) and I’ll add you to the group if you want to get to know everyone and know the down low!



Yeah that would be awesome, thanks Phoebe!
I added you :slight_smile:



We need more ppl :weary:


Anyone else on this tour


Hey guys,

I’ve just booked this tour as well. I’m also a solo traveller from Australia.


Hey Tammara!

As you can see there is a group of us and we have a group chat going just add me and you can meet us all! here is the link to my profile


Hi Everyone! I just booked this tour as well! I’m a solo traveller from Canada. Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi Kaite!! Feel free to add me and I will introduce you to everyone!


Hey ladies
I’m booked for the Mega European 13/06-31/07. I’m a solo traveller, Australian but living and studying in England as part of a uni exchange program. Love to join the group chat!


Hey! I’ve booked this tour too! I’m a solo traveller from NZ :slight_smile:


Hey Charlotte, Add me on Facebook and I’ll add you to the group :slight_smile:


Hi guys :slight_smile: My name is Sarah and ill also be on this tour with two others! Cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hey Sarah, I’m sarah too

We have a Facebook page with lots of other girls look me up sarah mcclay




Hey! My bestfriend and I will be doing this tour from 27TH JUN - 14TH AUG! We are from Australia :slight_smile:


I’m so excited to join this tour .


Hey, Are you going to be going on this tour with us?!?


Hey molly which tour are you doing? Does it join ours?


Hey Sarah! We are doing the Greece mega European, starting in London 26th June and finish in Amsterdam on the 14th of august :slight_smile: