Mega European GREECE 8th August - 25th September!


Hi all !
I’m Chelsea., I am doing the Mega European tour including sailing in Greece option leaving on the 8th of August from London … just keen to see if anybody else is jumping on this one too :blush:
I am from New Zealand, solo traveler and first time coming to that side of the world … I will be arriving a couple days early, and staying up to a week after the tour has finished to look around at some London sights
Hoping to link up with some people on my tour :smile:


Hi Chelsea!
I’ve booked this tour too!! so so excited omg! :smiley: My name is Miranda and I’m from Australia and a solo traveler too! Keen to squeeze every last experience out of this trip! :airplane: :sunny: :astonished:


I’m getting excited now that I can chat to people before the tour ! I was so nervous about signing up for a big solo trip, but the places and experiences to be had far out weigh that & hoping to make some awesome friends along the way !! :smile:
I will be arriving a day before the tour starts and staying at wombats hostel, and planning to stay on a few days afterwards to do some sightseeing :bridge_at_night: :airplane:
its coming around so quickly !! :astonished:


Me too! it’s starting to feel a bit more real now! And I feel exactly the same way, so nervous but so so excited! :grinning:
I will be arriving the day before too and staying at wombats, and haven’t really planned whats happening after the trip! But definitely will be exploring London :beers:
It’s going to be here before we know it! :smiley: :smile:


I have this countdown app on my phone and they days are slowly going by :laughing:
Getting closer !
I am thinking of hanging in London a couple days after the tour to look at a few sights and was thinking about booking into doing a tour to Stonehenge also :blush::blush:
But as for after the tour I am pretty cruisy and happy to just go with the flow, hoping a few people will be staying behind and we can all meet together :smile:
I keep reading all the tips on this forum and I feel so overwhelmed ! So much to think about and to organize, to pack etc !

Can’t wait !


That sounds like a great idea!! I’ve booked a flight home more or less straight after the tour (I’m heading over a month before the tour starts!) but I’m more than happy to push that back depending on how my bank account/ me is feeling :joy: definitely am wanting to explore London!

Omg I’ve been reading up too! Slowly checking things off and I actually think I’m almost organised (which I also know I am definitely not !) But from everything I’ve read I know we are going to have an amazing time!

There isn’t even one place I’m specifically looking forward to, it’s literally everything!! :smiley: :smiley:


Not long left to go now !!??

How are ya feeling about the trip, are you all organized?
I arrive in London a couple days before the tour starts and staying just 2 nights after the tour :grin:


I’m doing one of the extensions of this tour, the ‘Eastern Adventure’ starting from 27th of August until the 25th of September, so I join you guys when you reach Greece :slight_smile:
So excited!!! If you guys get the Topdeck app, you can talk to everyone else who has booked this tour :slight_smile:
I’m from the Hunter Valley, Australia