Mega European Greece 22nd August - 9th October



I’ve booked this mega European Greece trip for 22nd august anyone else going?


hey!! i’m going on this trip! :slight_smile:


Tash and Tyla, I will be on this trip :smile:


Hi, I am going on this trip!! :smiley:


Yaaay! Finally add me on Facebook and start a chat my name is Tyla Stretton :slight_smile:


Me too! I’ll be there :smiley:


Hey girl, add me on Facebook Cassie Rowe

Eeeeep not long now :slight_smile:


Hey only 6 more months and I’m already excited, Facebook names Justin Nagra if anyone wants to add me :slight_smile:


I just sorted out all my travel details and will be going on this trip!


Ahhh sooo exciting. Feel free to add me Micaela :slight_smile: