Mega European Greece 13th June 2017


Hi Guys, I’m Phoebe a solo traveler from Wellington, New Zealand, I’ve just booked on the Mega European Greece trip from the 13th June 2017 I know I’m a bit early but I’m 18 and just wanted to see who else has booked on this trip from the 13th June 2017 and get a feel for who else I might be traveling with ??


Hey Phoebe, my name is Danielle and I’m also going on this trip but the Egypt option so we’ll be on the same tour accept for those few days where we split to do Egypt/Greece.
Im also traveling solo from Australia for the first time, so excited to see the world and meet new people!! :blush:


Hey Danielle, it’s nice to finally meet someone else on the trip, it will be such a great time I’m sure! I didn’t realize they were part of the same trip. I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet everyone else on our trip. Have you booked into the pre trip accommodation ??


I havent booked yet I was going to get it all done this weekend. What about yourself? I think ill try and fly in on the 11th to give me a day or two to see London.


It’s so exciting when you finally book it! I’ve booked the pre trip accommodation as well to make things easier as being in London for 6 am won’t be easy hahaha. But I’m actually going to be in England from May catching up with family.


Haha no the 6am wont be easy, hopefully I havent left it too late and can manage to get booked into that accommodation the night before. Thatll be a great holiday for you visiting family before the tour! Cant wait to get there and explore :slight_smile:


I think TopDeck book out the entire accommodation especially for their trip, so if you book it through them you should be able to get something! It wasn’t that expensive when I booked last weekend so that was a bonus. What night would you be staying there, I’m booked in for the 12th.


Hey Pheobe,

Im officially all book in for the tour and just got my fligjts today :slight_smile:
Ill be staying at Wombats from the 11th and staying after the tour until 3rd August. Add me on Facebook if you like (Danielle Louise or danielle.moss.90813) :slight_smile:


Hey, Thats so exciting!! I bet you can’t wait :grin: I found you on facebook but can’t seem to add you, maybe you could try adding me?? Phoebe Evans (phoebe.evans.96)


Hey Phoebe
My name is Megan and I am also doing the 13th june - 31 july 2017 mega european tour. I am also from New Zealand (Tauranga). Can’t wait to meet new people and travel around europe.


Hi Megan, it’s great to hear that someone else has finally booked on this tour! There are three of us that have began getting to know each other who will be on this tour, we’ve started up a group convo on facebook feel free to add me and I can introduce you to everyone!! (phoebe.evans.96)


Hey I can’t seem to find you but my facebook is megan.tucker.522