Mega European Greece - 11th July 2017


Hey all! Has anyone booked onto this tour yet? :sunny:

Just to let you know that I did the Grand European (28 days) in summer 2016 which covered the below locations included on this huge tour so if anyone has any questions regarding what it’s like to travel with TopDeck, the accommodation, optional activities etc. Feel free to ask! I can tell you allllll about it! :innocent:

Swiss Alps
French Riviera (Nice/Monaco)
Italy (Rome/Venice/Florence)


Holla :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:
Need to find some peeps keen!!


I have posted a feed for all the tours that meet up with ours, you may find other people who will join your group…
I’m doing the mega Egypt one in June…


Hey I’m planning to do the Grand European in July!
Can you tell me a little bit about it/what are the highlights? :slight_smile:


Hey Emily!
Was there anything in particular you were wanting to know? Swiss and Austrian Alps were unexpectedly my favourite places visited on this trip! The camping villages stayed at in Italy were great :+1:t3: You will have heaps of fun :slight_smile:


Hey Nicola.
Is there any washing facilities during the trip?


Hey Claire! Yes so on the Grand European all places we stayed had them there was probably 2 or 3 places we stayed that didnt but the ones that did are pretty good and a few of us put in together to make up a full load so it wasn’t as much :slight_smile: