Mega European-Egypt May 14th 2019


Is anyone planning on going to Stonehenge?


No plans to go but would love to see it some day!!!


I’ll be going after the trip.



So many things to organise before going over it’s quite unnerving haha. Few questions though. How much $$ are you guys thinking of taking with ya? Also suitcase or tramping bag type thing? :sweat_smile:


Avoid suitcase. Im looking at pacsafe bag 42l you can use them as carry on so one less thing to worry about. $5k is what i’ve researched is a good amount to bring. Also look into getting a travel silk bed sleeve, 2x locks for lockers and a small day bag. Also double check entry visas and make sure you get your shots. You also need travel insurance to take the tour and enter most countries.


This topic answers a lot of questions.